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Welcome to the CLAS Faculty Advisor information hub! This site is designed to provide critical information and easy access to the important academic advisor resources both in the College and across the university. We welcome your suggestions and feedback via the link at the bottom of this page.

Academic Advising plays an integral role in student success. In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, academic advising is valued as one aspect of the teaching responsibilities for faculty.

As outlined by A.W. Astin in his book, Four Critical Years, there are three main functions of an academic advisor:

  • Advisor as a humanizing agent, whose interaction with students occurs outside the classroom and in an informal setting, so that the student feels comfortable seeking the advisor out.
  • Advisor as counselor or mentor, who helps guide students through academic policy and procedure, offers advice and listens, and refers them to support when needed.
  • Advisor as educator or instructor, who teaches students strategies for success and helps them understand curriculum, the purpose of their academic program, and encourages problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making.

Again, we welcome your feedback and ideas to make this site as helpful as possible in support of your advising efforts.

CLAS Academic Advising Center

Quick link to the Center's website where you'll find curriculum guides for all CLAS majors and minors, resources and links to additional information, and easy access to the Center staff.

CLAS Academic Advising Center and Departmental Liaisons - Each academic unit in CLAS has a dedicated professional academic advisor in the Center. In addition, each academic unit in CLAS has a faculty liaison to the Center. 




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