Faculty Governance Committee (FG)

FG's Charge

  • The FG will serve as a liaison between the CECI faculty and the Dean. The FG shall seek to represent the general interests of the CECI faculty collectively. The FG should represent faculty interests first and foremost.
  • On matters presented to the FG from CECI faculty or the Dean, the FG will review, discuss, and advise the Dean of the consensus of the faculty. FG may also initiate the request of documents from the Dean’s office, including, but not limited to CECI policies and budget, strategic planning, reports, and the organization and function of existing college committees.
  • The FG will create standing and/or ad hoc committees as needed, including faculty forums or town hall meetings.
  • The FG will administer faculty committee elections (both university and college committees). The FG may use appropriate procedures to replace any governance committee member who is consistently absent from meetings upon notification by the chair of the committee.
  • The FG serves as an advocate for faculty in the college. The FG brings attention to issues of concern within the CECI community. Any faculty within the college can contact any FG representative to express concern and trust that they will remain confidential. If the issue is not within the purview of FG, the faculty member will be appropriately referred.
  • The FG will create a regular communication system to inform faculty of various governance committees and other matters impacting faculty of the college (e.g., e-newsletter). Faculty representatives are also responsible for communicating agenda topics with their constituents at least a week prior to any scheduled meetings.
  • The FG will oversee the college and university awards for regular faculty.
  • The FG will solicit annual feedback from faculty regarding topics/issues of concern.

Fall 2023 Agenda/Minutes

Monday, May 15 Summer Retreat - Minutes
Monday, August 21 - Minutes
Friday, September 15 - Minutes

Fall 2022 Agenda/Minutes

Friday, September 9 - Agenda  |  Minutes
Friday, September 16 - Agenda  |  Minutes
Friday, September 28 -  Agenda  |  Minutes
Friday, October 13 - Agenda  |  Minutes
Friday, November 11 - Agenda  |  Minutes
Friday, December 9 - Agenda  |  Minutes

All meetings will be held between 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Winter 2023 Agenda/Minutes

Friday, January 13 -  Agenda  |  Minutes
Friday, February 10 -  Agenda  |  Minutes
Friday, April 14 -  Agenda  |  Minutes



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