Campus Information

Directions to our campus: Follow the directions to the Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus (not the Allendale campus).

Parking: If you make an appointment, you can request that a permit be emailed to you which will allow you to park in the DeVos Center surface parking lot, located off Winter Avenue (between DeVos Center and the parking ramp). In lieu of a permit, you may park and pay at a metered space, if available. 

Our offices: The main elevators are located in the north lobby of DeVos Center’s Building C (near the entrance facing the Burger King). Take the elevator to the 2nd floor.

Richard M. DeVos Center, 4th floor

  • Literacy, Educational Foundations, and Technology:  418C DEV | Phone: (616) 331-6285
  • Office of Certification and Accreditation:  401C DEV | Phone: (616) 331-6650
  • Teaching and Learning:  419C DEV | Phone: (616) 331-6290

Richard M. DeVos Center, 3rd floor

  • CECI Undergraduate Advising Center:  321C DEV | Phone: (616) 331-6890
  • Center for Educational Partnerships:  396C DEV | Phone: (616) 331-6240
  • Educational Leadership and Counseling:  390C DEV | Phone: (616) 331-6250
  • School of Social Work:  391C DEV | Phone: (616) 331-6550

Richard M. DeVos Center, 2nd floor

  • CECI Dean's Office: 202C DEV | Phone: (616) 331-6821
  • School of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Legal Studies:  289C DEV | Phone: (616) 331-7130
  • School of Community Leadership and Development:  288C DEV | Phone: (616) 331-6575 (Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration) | Phone: (616) 331-3118 (Hospitality and Tourism Management)

Page last modified October 24, 2022