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Ieisha Humphrey '05

Ieisha Humphrey '05

University of Detroit Mercy School of Law/Assistant dean for Student Affairs

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1. Tell us about your journey since graduation.
Immediately after graduation, I worked in hotel management for a few years at properties in Holland, MI, and then in the Chicago area. After that, I went to law school as it was always a goal of mine. After law school, I worked at the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in the child protection services division and then practiced immigration law with non-profit agencies. I've been fortunate enough to have a fulfilling career in higher education for the past ten years working with law students and ensuring the next generation of lawyers are ready and empowered for the challenges on the horizon.

2. Share a favorite Grand Valley memory.
My favorite Grand Valley memory is the Community Working Classics program within the Philosophy department. I had the honor of designing and teaching a humanities course to students who would not otherwise been exposed to the subject. One semester, I taught a Philosophy of Law course to men at the Michigan Department of Corrections in Muskegon, Michigan, and the following semester, I taught the Sociological Self to students at the Grand Rapids Job Corps Center. Professors Peggy VandenBerg and Michael DeWilde were instrumental in solidifying my path to the law.

3. What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
The best piece of advice I've ever received is "Do it scared." The triumphant feeling at the other side will far outweigh the fear felt at the beginning.

4. List three words you would use to describe your Grand Valley experience.
Priceless, Enlightening, and Worthwhile

5. What difference would you like to make in the world?
I'd like my legacy to be that I helped balance the scales of justice by ensuring our judicial system has competent, ethical, and diverse lawyers who value fairness and equity.

September 2023

Interest Area(s)
Sociology, Philosophy

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