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Grace Bommarito '12

My favorite memory from Grand Valley was meeting my best friend and navigating life together as young adults.

Kara Rickenberg '19

I was lucky enough to have my Honors freshman sequence downtown. I enjoyed exploring and learning about the city of Grand Rapids.

Jamie Timm '16

I remember having some of the very best professors and meeting some incredible people I still call friends.

Tiffany Clarke '09 & '11

I loved meeting my friends for lunch at the commons on Wednesdays each week. These meet ups included pizza and a lot of laughs!

Teresa Seidel '90 & '97

I joined the Grand Valley track team my second year of college. It brought me new friends and new experiences - so many amazing memories.

Joel James '12

Rushing to Mennas Joint for a fatty dub before class.

Patrick Reinke '07

In my 2nd year on campus I took a job with GV Public Safety. Working with DPS introduced me to the world of policing. I soon after found myself changing my major and starting down a new career path.

Jordan Brown '13

Living in North B during my freshman year was truly a transformative experience for me. As I settled into the second floor, I found myself becoming part of an incredible community that felt more like family than just friends.

Pamela Besteman '96

During a winter practice for the Rowing Team, our coach had us play soccer on the Ski Hill. We had so much fun running up and down the hill, chasing the ball, tackling each other, and laughing our heads off while trying to beat our teammates.

Deidre Butkus '10

Meeting some of my best friends and attending GVSU football games where we cheer on our Lakers!

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