Alumni in 10


Matthew Oudbier '16

GVSU has given me the tools to work and communicate in a diverse world. While at GVSU I was able meet and work with people of a variety of backgrounds. This has been vital to my career.

Simeon Switzer '13, '15

Graduated in 2015, moved to Kalamazoo Michigan to work for the Social Security Administration. Married my college sweetheart, bought a house, adopted a pup, brought our son into the world.

Weston Persons '15, '20

Grand Valley has functioned as a springboard for knowledge, allowing me to progress in my career.

Cathy Winick '12

I started my journey at Grand Valley State Colleges in 1978 on a valedictorian scholarship. Taking a few classes in every decade, I finally earned my bachelor's degree in 2012.

Kelly Israels '89

My journey has included a career including Retail Store Design and Merchandising, Technical Design Training, Commercial Interior Design, and currently Electrical Substation Engineering and Design.

Nicole Rister '18

It has been a little bit of a roller coaster and it definitely has not been as easy as I anticipated, nor did I wind up where I expected, but I am very happy with my path so far.

Lisa OBrien '06

After graduation I worked at a Detroit area radio station in Promotions. I knew I wanted to live in Chicago, so I moved here and got a serving and bartending job to make ends meet, until I landed a job in a new career path, recruiting.

Joshua Spears '01

My journey since graduation has been a winding road that I never expected to take when I walked off the campus of Grand Valley, but each turn on my journey has been rewarding.

John Dowd '03

I went on to get my Master's degree at Eastern Illinois University, and completed my Doctoral work at Purdue University. I am now an Associate Professor in the School of Media and Communication at Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH).

Dakota Vradenburg '14

Since graduating, I've had several different jobs. I lived for a short time in Chicago, moved back, and started my current job at Accenture. If you ever want to know more details, I'm here to chat!

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