Alumni in 5


Christine Roberts '12

My favorite GVSU memory is marching in the marching band and winning the division 2 championship.

Jason Black '99

I have too many memories but having to greet the incoming freshmen class in the field house during freshmen welcome week with Victor Cardenas is one of my most stressful memories.

Holly Mertens '13

My favorite memory of Grand Valley is working in the Dean's office at the Seidman College of Business. I was able to get to know H. James Williams and also support students.

Carly Dolinski 2016

My favorite Grand Valley memory has to be Toast with T.Haas. It was the last item in the GV picture bucket list to get a photo with T. Haas. I found it wonderful that a president of a college took the time to congratulate all of his graduates.

Christina McElwee '05 & '08

One of my favorite memories from Grand Valley was being a part of the GVSU Dance Troupe. I had never taken any type of organized dance classes prior but soon fell in love with the art of dance. I still dance both recreationally and competitively today.

Tiffany Larson '11

My favorite GV memory was studying abroad with the HTM program in Italy!

Emily Gorno '21

Some of my favorite memories at GVSU were within my integrated science classes. I made some lifelong friends, being crammed together in the same classes for two years, and we had many good times together in Padnos.

Keara Anderson '20

My favorite GV memory is all the late nights spent doing homework in Kennedy with my friends - especially when pizza was involved!

Rachel Salinas '10

My most foundational experience at GVSU was participating in multiple research projects with faculty and peers.

Kristina Green '12

My favorite GVSU memory was when I was named the West Michigan Public Relations Society of America's 'PR Student of the Year.

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