Alumni in 10


Katie Perschbacher, '07, '10

After graduate school I worked in higher education and served as a Career Counselor for 3 years. I left higher education for a while and worked in the nonprofit sector, but I missed it a lot! I just returned back to higher education at Michigan State.

Jennifer Langholz, '09

I knew I wanted to work at Mercy Health as a student, so I have Grand Valley to thank for helping to make it a reality!

Jill May, '03

Earning my MPA at GVSU put me on a fast track in my career. Upon graduating, I immediately transitioned out of a development assistant position and into a development director position.

Jamie Platt, '17

I am a member of the Kirkhof College of Nursing's Alumni group and serve on the Young Alumni Council's Engagement Committee. It is my way of giving back to the university and community.

Nicole Rodammer, '06

I was lucky enough to have the ability to stay in Grand Rapids securing a job out of college through my internship. I moved to nonprofit after working in sports, technology, healthcare, and automotive fields.

Samantha Hardenburgh, '03, '05

My journey has had some unexpected twists and turns as I'm sure is common. I worked with some amazing students at Oakland University after graduation. Then I was a training facilitator at PNC Bank, a company I have now been with for 11 years.

Edwin Darrell, '96 & '98

I am still on my journey, but it has taken me to different parts of the country, the world. It has driven my passion for higher education and supporting students in their dreams and aspirations.

Victoria Schnaidt, '12, '14

My time at GVSU gave me the tools I needed to obtain a great job with a wonderful company.

Heather Sewell, '12

I have worked at PADNOS since graduation, holding several roles from sales, to executive assistant, to my current role in continuous improvement.

Kristina Green, '12

I was able to explore various roles - from social media to exploring the HR side of business, to leading a nationwide internship program, to creative writing, to discovering my passion in corporate philanthropic and volunteerism efforts.

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