Alumni in 10


Dana Calloway, '07

Since graduation, I have been working for Kalamazoo Public Schools as a 2nd and 4th grade teacher at Woodward Elementary. Currently, I am starting a new role as District Literacy Coach.

Jathan Koetje, '14

Grand Valley helped me develop as an individual and professional. There are many stories that come to mind that helped shape my future between club sports, professional organizations, the career center, and professors.

Carolina Brito, '17 & '18

After graduating in 2018 with my Master of Social Work degree, I worked as a Home-based therapist for over half a year. I currently work as a Clinical Therapist, providing direct clinical services to unaccompanied minors.

Allie Goeddeke, '17

Grand Valley has been instrumental in shaping my journey as a leader and young professional. I've made numerous connections, learned valuable lessons, and have had a blast while doing it!

Amanda Baarman, '16

Just over two years ago, I started working at FormulaFolios as their Events Manager planning mostly training/recruiting conferences around the United States for our financial advisors.

Jessica Moskalewski, '15, '17

I stay involved with Grand Valley through alumni outings, volunteering opportunities during community outreach week, sporting events, and reunions with friends. I am also a new addition to the Young Alumni Council!

Sara Terwillegar, '19

I recently graduated in April 2019, so I'm just getting started on my journey as a GVSU alum! I currently work in luxury property management with Brookstone Realty Management, and cannot wait to start this new chapter as an alumna of Grand Valley!

Alexa Balgenorth, '15

Grand Valley completed that missing piece in my life, a home. I have had many homes in my life, but Grand Valley was one of the most stable. I was able to be myself, and explore my interests and what I wanted to do with my life.

Katie Sims, '18

Without Grand Valley, I wouldn't have landed the job at the Clerk/Register of Deeds office. I was encouraged to apply to their internship program during my Junior year and I got the internship!

Paige Valensky, '14

After graduation, I moved to Fort Myers, Florida, for two years where I taught 2nd and 4th grade. In 2016, I moved to Riverview, Florida, where I was hired to teach 4th grade math and science.

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