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Pamela Besteman '96

During a winter practice for the Rowing Team, our coach had us play soccer on the Ski Hill. We had so much fun running up and down the hill, chasing the ball, tackling each other, and laughing our heads off while trying to beat our teammates.

Deidre Butkus '10

Meeting some of my best friends and attending GVSU football games where we cheer on our Lakers!

Anne McAuley Logan '69

In the Fall of 1966, I remember asking the athletic director if we could have a woman's crew. He said, sure. Just bring me some interested students!

Ieisha Humphrey '05

My favorite Grand Valley memory is the Community Working Classics program within the Philosophy department. I had the honor of designing and teaching a humanities course to students who would not otherwise been exposed to the subject.

Khadijah Johnson '13

As a student employee working for Financial Aid.

Morgan Lemmen '20

One of my favorite GVSU memories is taking BIO 109 "Plants in the Word" with Elise Hollister. She is an amazing professor who really made an impact on me and my educational journey!

Kathee Lamberies '03 & '05

A favorite Grand Valley memory is meeting two friends, Jill and Brad, and having all of our 300 and 400-level classes together! It was so nice to go through all that with a core group of friends!

Marion Maier '71

Tugs-of-war across the library pond

Rebecca Woronko '10

My first football game as a student was so much fun! The buzz and excitement in the student section was something to behold and it was empowering!

Emily Rienks '21

My favorite Grand Valley memories are being down on the sideline for Laker football games cheering the team on for many Grand Valley Victories. Watching football from anywhere but the sideline will never be the same!

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