Self-Guided Career Exploration

Know Yourself

The career exploration process starts by taking the time to learn more about YOU! Whether you are interested in a lot of things, or aren't quite sure where to focus your energy, taking a close look at your skills, interests, values, and personality can help you begin connecting to the world of work and the impact you want to make. The more you practice self-reflection, the better chances you have of establishing a career that is a good “fit” for you.

Know Yourself

Engage in Self-Assessment
  • PathwayU: Complete our quick, free career assessment. Be sure to take all 4 assessments (Interests, Values, Personality, and Workplace Preferences).
  • Truity Typefinder Personality Test: Complete this assessment to better understand how you gain energy, process information, make decisions, and use your time.
  • O*Net Interest Profiler: Complete this assessment to learn more about your interest areas.
  • Values Worksheet: Use this worksheet to assess your values. Start by selecting your top 10, then narrowing down to 5, then selecting your top 3.
  • Skills Worksheet: Use this worksheet to assess and reflect on your skills.
Look at Career Matches
  • Look at your career matches from your assessment results (i.e. PathwayU, Truity, etc.). Start creating a list of every option that sounds interesting (remember: eliminating options can be just as helpful as choosing ones that you may be interested in).
  • Look through the list of careers you created. What themes do you notice? Are these careers in similar industries? What majors might you consider? What tasks are similar across options? 
  • Start prioritizing. If you need to, set a timer and rank your list. This will give you a place to start when exploring options.
  • Career Assessment Integration and Reflection Worksheet: use this worksheet to start integrating your results and pause for some self-reflection.

Next Step: Explore Options

Podcast Episodes

Using Personality Tests to Move Forward in Career Planning and Career Path: I Just Want to Help People. Stream the Podcast below, or download it from Audioboom.

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Know Yourself

Increase knowledge of your values, interests, strengths, preferences, and ambitions.


Explore Options

Learn about occupations, industry trends, and career fields.


Get Focused

Start making decisions, setting goals, and planning action steps.


Take Action

Learn how to gain experience, job search tools, and connecting with employers.


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