Self-Guided Career Exploration

Get Focused

Now that you’ve learned more about yourself and various career options, it’s time to get focused. Determine your decision-making style, write SMART goals pertaining to your career, and make a plan to help you move forward.

Get Focused

Make a Decision
  • Evaluate your decision-making style(s) and the accompanying strategies for moving forward in the decision-making process.


Create Short and Long-Term Goals


Make a Plan

Next Step: Take Action


Podcast Episodes

Designing Your Life: Advisor Chat and How to Make Summer Count: Nikki Ramirez episodes. Stream the Podcast below, or download it from Audioboom.

Need Some Additional Help

Drop In to CareerLab

Looking for someone to go through your Pathway U results? Hoping to chat with someone about your next steps? Stop into our CareerLab!

Find Your Career Advisor

Looking for personalized advice and information regarding your career plan? Schedule an appointment with your Career Advisor!

Know Yourself

Increase knowledge of your values, interests, strengths, preferences, and ambitions.


Explore Options

Learn about occupations, industry trends, and career fields.


Get Focused

Start making decisions, setting goals, and planning action steps.


Take Action

Learn how to gain experience, job search tools, and connecting with employers.


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