Resources for New APs

Resources Useful for New Administrative Professionals

Acronym and abbreviation decoder

Human Resources Forms


System for logging your vacation hours or other absences.


The online professional development program on which you will make annual reports of your achievements toward your goals.

Administrative Handbook

University organizational charts (titles, reporting lines, etc.)

Lunch with Colleagues?
While we do not have a faculty club, we do have a Faculty/Staff Dining Room for a hot $7 buffet lunch. It operates on Mondays & Wednesdays 11:00 am - 2:00 pm on the lower level of the Kirkhof Center. A preview of the menu can be usually be found on Barter Board

IT Resources for New Employees

How to sign up for free on-campus training seminars  From IT to leadership to exercise, it is all happening here.

Some of the training that is offered can help you to make everyone at GVSU feel welcome such as Allies & Advocates training and Inclusion Advocates and Champions training.

APs may also be interested in  affinity groups such as 

How do I connect to Barter Board? 
The GVSU Barter Board offers Grand Valley's employees a vehicle through which they may buy and sell articles. Policy   The Barter Board, Notices, etc., are all available to everyone in their list of Outlook Folders.   On your main Outlook page, click on the “Folder List” icon (located near the lower-left corner.  Clicking on it expands the list of folders.   Scroll down to the bottom and Expand Public Folders.  Then Expand All Public Folders.   That’s where you’ll see the Barter Board


Will you be teaching?

Some Administrative Professionals at GVSU have teaching as part of their responsibilities.  Support services are available to you.

Stay current with campus news

ATM locations on campus

Schedule for free bus

Work Life Connections

Diversity Resources offices (Women's Center, LGBT Resource Center, Multicultural...)

GVSU Children's Enrichment Center

Location of the on-campus nursing nests:

  •  Kirkhof Center, Women’s Restroom, Room 1252
  •  Fieldhouse, Women’s Restroom, Room B-127 
  • Performing Arts Center (PAC) Women’s Restroom, Room 1404 
  • Mackinac Hall, Room B-1-103  
  • Green Room, Pew Campus – contact Kathleen Wright

Campus Recreation

Arts upcoming events 

GVSU Arts Calendar
Art & Design
University Art Gallery

It's the first Friday of the month at noon--what's that noise?
An emergency siren is tested the first Friday of each month, March through November. The test will consist of a one to three minute steady tone. This siren would be used in the event of an actual emergency such as a tornado.

I overdid it at the Rec Center.  Can I get some help on campus?  

Yes, check out the Injury Care Clinic:

I lost my:

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