Social Justice Committee


The AP Social Justice Subcommittee's purpose is to act as a representative body for the AP Committee on issues regarding Social Justice. The committee's purpose includes creating awareness to inspire action for Social Justice issues through program offerings, advocacy, and reporting to the AP Executive Committee any recommendations on Social Justice policies that affect the AP staff. The AP Executive Committee will review and make final recommendations reported to the appropriate Executive Officers for approval.

NOTE on service:

Staggered Term

A newly formed commission has three members, and each member is appointed to a different length of term: 

  • Group 1 & 2 Run 2024 -2027
  • Group 4 & 5 Run 2025-2028
  • Group 3 & 6 Run 2023-2026

As the terms of each of the first three members expire, each new replacement member on the commission receives a full three-year term. The result is that for the lifetime of the commission there will always be one new member replacing one outgoing member every year.


Use the link below to view a list of members on this subcommittee.

AP Committees Membership

Current Charge

The Executive Committee of the Administrative Professionals (AP) Committee charges the Social Justice Subcommittee of the AP Committee to explore the following topics during the 2023-24 Academic year:

  • Find ways to support and become involved in the Teach-In offered on Wednesday, November 8 on Pew Campus and Thursday, November 9 on Allendale Campus
  • Advocate for Juneteenth to be recognized as a Campus Holiday
  • Endorsement of the Rev. Dr. MLK Jr. Commemoration for Winter 2023 similar to that of University Academic Senate

Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Meets the second Thursday of each month at 1 p.m.

September 14, 2023 (Minutes)

Social Justice Minutes Archive

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