Salary and Benefits Committee

Salary and Benefits Committee

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The purpose of the Salary & Benefits Subcommittee is to act as a representative body for the AP committee on issues regarding Salary and Benefits. To report to the AP Executive Committee any recommendations on Salary and Benefit policies that affect the AP staff. The AP Executive Committee will review and make final recommendations, which are reported to the appropriate Executive Officers for approval.

  1. Composition
    • The Salary and Benefits Subcommittee is composed of six elected AP staff members who will serve three-year terms: one elected person from each of the AP Groups (six total); one or two members from the AP Committee to serve as a liaison(s) and a representative from Human Resources, ex-officio, non-voting.
  2. Election Guidelines
    • Positions are a three-year term. Members can be reelected. Mid-term vacancies will be filled with appointments ratified by the AP Committee as needed. With the exception of a liaison, Salary & Benefits Subcommittee members cannot concurrently serve on the AP Committee, the Professional Development Subcommittee, or the Awards Subcommittee.
    • If elected to more than one committee, the successful candidate must choose a single committee or subcommittee on which to serve.  The second highest vote getter will fill the vacated position.
  3. Officers
    • The officers will include a Chairperson, a chair-elect/Vice Chair, and a Secretary. The chair-elect/Vice Chair will be chosen by the subcommittee by August of each year. The chair-elect/Vice Chair will become Chairperson in June of the following year. The term of Chairperson and chair-elect/Vice Chair will be for one year. A Secretary will be appointed by the Chairperson. The Chairperson and the Secretary will be responsible for the distribution of minutes to all AP staff, via the website.
  4. Responsibilities
    • The Salary and Benefits Subcommittee will report to the AP Committee and have the following responsibilities:
      • to report to the AP Committee any findings and recommendations which are relevant to AP Salary and Benefits
      • to review the AP Salary Adjustment Program and make recommendations to the AP Committee for further action 
      • to review the AP Personnel Structure which includes the evaluation of salary and title categories and to report these findings with recommendations to the AP Committee for further action   
      • to review the benefits for AP staff and make recommendations for adjustments or additions
      • to review and make recommendations to the AP Committee any additional matters that are assigned to the Salary and Benefits Subcommittee.