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The purpose of the AP Awards Subcommittee is to act as a representative body for the AP Committee in the selection of AP Awards recipients that will be presented at the annual AP Luncheon. The AP Awards Committee will provide the list of awardees to the AP Executive Committee Chairperson, who notifies both the President and Human resources for providing rewards and other acknowledgments.

  1. Composition
    • The Awards Subcommittee is composed of six elected AP staff members who will serve scattered two-year terms: one elected person from each of the AP Groups (six total); up to two former recipients of the AP Achievement Award, as appointed by the AP subcommittee Chair (for the sole purpose of assisting in the selection of the AP Achievement Award); one member from the AP Committee to serve as a liaison.
  2. Election Guidelines
    • Positions are a staggered two-year term. Members can be reelected, not to exceed two consecutive terms. To provide continuity, elections for odd number groups will occur in odd years, and the even number groups in even years. Mid-term vacancies will be filled with appointments ratified by AP Committee as needed. With the exception of the liaison, Subcommittee members cannot concurrently serve on the AP Committee, the Professional Development Subcommittee, or the Salary & Benefits Subcommittee.
    • The officers will include a chairperson, a chair-elect, and a secretary. The chair-elect will be chosen by the subcommittee by August of each year from first-year members. The chair-elect will become chairperson in June of the following year. The term of chairperson and chair-elect will be for one year. A secretary will be appointed by the chairperson.
  3. Responsibilities
    • The Awards Subcommittee will report to the AP Committee and have the following responsibilities:
      • To report to the AP Committee any findings and recommendations regarding the AP Award process
      • To coordinate the nomination process and related publicity in cooperation with the AP Committee, Human Resources, and the Institutional Marketing web team
      • To select annual AP Award recipients for all awards, including the AP Achievement Award.
      • To provide the AP Committee Chairperson with the list of award recipients and a brief introduction for each recipient no later than one month before the AP Luncheon
  4. Voting Privileges, Definition of Quorum and Handbook Amendments
    • The six elected members have voting privileges related to the selection of all AP awards.
    • The former recipients of the AP Achievement Award have voting privileges related solely to the AP Achievement Award selection. 
    • The AP Committee liaison has voting privileges only in the case of a tie vote for the AP Achievement Award selection. A quorum of the majority of eligible voters is required in the selection of awards; a majority is defined as 51% (rounding up). The expectation, however, is that all elected members will participate fully in the selection of awards, including attendance at the meeting for AP Achievement Award selection and completion of all rubrics for the selection of the other awards. The awards selection process is strengthened and made fairer when the awardees are chosen by the broadest possible representation of the AP members. Handbook amendments and other recommendations should be presented to the AP Committee for its consideration and approval, after sufficient discussion by the elected members.
  5. Subcommittee members Eligibility for Awards
    • If a subcommittee member is nominated for an award, they have an option to either accept the nomination and step down from the subcommittee or decline the nomination and remain on the committee. In the event a subcommittee member is nominated for the Outstanding Team Project award, they have an option to accept the nomination and step down from the subcommittee or decline the nomination, have their name removed from the Outstanding Team Project nomination, and remain on the committee. In the event a subcommittee member accepts a nomination and steps down from the subcommittee, the AP Committee Chairperson should name an alternate.