The LGBT FSA serves to improve the climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender faculty and staff members of the Grand Valley State University community through examination of current policies and practices and through the initiation and promotion of programs which will result in a more equitable and supportive environment.

Chick-Fil-A Coming to Campus What We Know and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Our History

In the Summer of 2006 a group of faculty and staff were brought together by Vice President Pat Oldt to explore the creation of a LGBT faculty/staff association.  Recommendations were made by this initial foundation committee, which were accepted by Vice President Oldt. 

The next major step was the establishment of bylaws, which were composed during the 2006 - 2007 academic year, quickly followed by the first election of the Steering Committee in Winter 2007. 

Following the election, the board members met to establish officers and commenced work on a number of initiatives including the development of a community website and a new faculty/staff mentoring program.


  1. To effectively represent and promote a campus climate that is sensitive, representative, and fair to all LGBT people. 
    1. Establish and administrate research grants to facilitate LGBT-related research and artistic expression
    2. Investigate the possibility of using peer-counseling to help resolve or address bias incidents involving faculty and staff.
    3. Work with Inclusion and Equity to interpret and communicate the results of the campus climate survey
  2. To provide support and input in the fair recruitment or hiring and retention or promotion of LGBT students, faculty, staff, and administrators on campus. 
    1. Be available to discuss LGBT issues with potential new hires
    2. Provide a safe mechanism whereby LGBT faculty and staff can air and address grievances related to gender expression and/or sexual orientation.
    3. Work to establish a faculty staff advisory group on benefits
  3. To work collaboratively with other units and organizations to respond proactively the many needs of the growing LGBT student body
    1. Pilot a mentorship program with the LGBT center
    2. Increase faculty and staff participation rates in Center programming
    3. Co-sponsor and co-plan at least one student-focused event per year with the LGBT center
  4. Establish and maintain positive and safe channels of communication between University administration and LGBT faculty and staff on issues of concern to the community.
    1. Work with I&E to establish a mechanism whereby LGBT faculty and staff can be kept appraised of current work that touches on LGBT issues.
    2. Poll the mailing list annually to find out what issues folks are interested in hearing about, and for feedback on FSA activities.
    3. Communicate any results of the campus climate survey related to LGBT issues to the members.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a more welcoming and inclusive university community for LGBT faculty and staff through advocacy, education and networking.

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