Welcome to Grand Valley State University!

At Grand Valley, you will be part of a university that is large enough to open a world of new possibilities but small enough to provide you with the personal support and attention you need to be ready to move forward in the world with confidence — no matter what’s next.

Nearly 400 international students from over 70 different countries choose to call Grand Valley home. Our safe and welcoming campuses in Allendale and Grand Rapids are located at the center of a strong West Michigan economy, and just minutes away from beautiful Lake Michigan. We offer more than 140 undergraduate and graduate degrees, with some of the most modern campuses in Michigan.

To learn more about Grand Valley take a virtual tour of campus, and explore the undergraduate or graduate options for more information. We're excited to welcome you into the Grand Valley community. 

The International Student welcome video.

Watch the welcome video to learn more about the International Student experience at GVSU.

Grand Valley State University is located in Allendale, Michigan, just two and a half hours from Detroit, Michigan, and three hours from Chicago, Illinois.

Grand Valley State University is located in Allendale, Michigan, just two and a half hours from Detroit, Michigan, and three hours from Chicago, Illinois.

Why Choose Grand Valley?

Award-Winning Faculty

The Chronicle of Higher Education named Grand Valley a Fulbright Top Producing Institution for the number of faculty members who teach and conduct research overseas. More than 55 Grand Valley faculty and staff members have earned Fulbright awards since 1964.

GVSU student in the Kindschi Hall of Science on the Allendale campus.

Real Research: Real Impact

At Grand Valley, we don’t require you to wait until you are pursuing an advanced degree to conduct the kind of research that has impact -- both on you and society. Undergraduates study everything from Parkinson’s to antibiotic resistance to disease in bats, giving them crucial real-world experience and making discoveries that affect their field.

  • Dedicated faculty members who relish the opportunity to work with students in their laboratories or in the field will lead your learning.
  • You also have a chance to conduct independent research with the helpful-but-not-intrusive guidance of a faculty member.
  • Grand Valley regularly showcases students’ research, allowing them a venue to share their findings with the academic community.
A GVSU International student working at an Engineering Co-op.


Hands-on learning and other fieldwork not only deepen your mastery of your discipline but also give you the edge employers will seek. As a Laker, you will have the knowledge, the real-world experience, and the tools to make it all work together. Your education will prepare you to thrive in in-demand industries like engineering, business, and life sciences.

  • Nearly 8,400 students gain experience in internships and co-ops every year.
  • Fieldwork is built into the curriculum for many degrees, so your hands-on work and coursework effectively complement each other.
  • Advisors, faculty members, and others actively work to find you the best fieldwork opportunities.
  • There are many options for paid internships and co-ops, giving you some help financially while learning.
Grand Valley's Robert C. Pew campus in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


  • Grand Valley is located in the heart of Grand Rapids, providing students and graduates access to a variety of industries from health professions, engineering, business, and more.
  • Grand Rapids has the fastest growing economy in the U.S.
  • Find internships, co-ops, volunteer, and research opportunities, all easily accessible from downtown Grand Rapids.
  • Be part of a growing city, with emerging businesses and industries, include over 130 international companies.
The Medical Mile on the East Side of downtown Grand Rapids, home to GVSU's Health Campus.


  • Located on the "Medical Mile", Grand Valley's Health Campus is a catalyst for healthcare partnerships and joint research ventures.
  • This location places students within walking distance of clinical and unique learning experiences at organizations such as Spectrum Health and the Van Andel Institute. 
  • The Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences (CHS) and Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall are state-of-the-art facilities housing classrooms, laboratories, and hospital simulation labs.
  • The new DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health (opening in May) will be the flagship of the Health Campus, allowing interaction between students from all nursing and health professions programs.
International engineering students studying in Fred M. Keller.


  • 7,318 GVSU students did student teaching, clinical, fieldwork, co-op, internship, and practicum in 2020-2021.
  • Grand Valley remains the leading provider of health care professionals in our region with over 9,300 students enrolled in our 65 health-related programs.
  • The Padnos School of Engineering was ranked one of the best undergraduate engineering programs in the country in U.S. News and World Report's "2022 Best Colleges" rankings.
  • Students in Grand Valley's Nursing and Engineering programs boast a 100% pass rate on licensure exams.
  • Grand Valley's Engineering programs were rated one of the best in the midwest in U.S. News & World Report's "2022 Best Colleges" rankings.
  • Grand Valley was ranked 16 among "Most Innovative Schools" in U.S. News & World Report's "2022 Best Colleges" rankings.

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