Meet the International Student Ambassadors

The International Student Ambassadors are current Grand Valley students who are excited to share their experience with you! Feel free to contact them at any point in the application process.


Chanwool Park (Peter)

Year at GVSU: Senior
Country: South Korea/El Salvador
Major: International Relations
Languages: Korean, Spanish and English
Interests and hobbies: International politics, European history, traveling, ice hockey

About Peter:

 I was born and raised in South Korea, but my family moved to El Salvador when I was 10 years old. I've been learning how to speak Spanish ever since then. I love to play piano and guitar! Whenever I'm bored, I play guitar most of the time.

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Phuong Do (Jane)

Year at GVSU: Junior
Country: Vietnam
Major: Human Resources Management, Pre-Law
Languages: Vietnamese and English

About Jane:

I participate in the International Student Organization and Society for Human Resource Management. My spiritual animals are a cat and koala (you can have more than one spirit animal)! I love the GVSU community and the rock climbing wall.

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