Thank you for your interest in the Radiologic and Imaging Sciences (RIS) program at Grand Valley State University. This program includes the following majors:
The Radiation Therapy, and Diagnostic Sonography majors are set up as a 2+2 program. Students entering GVSU as a first year student interested in Radiation Therapy or Diagnostic Medical Sonography will take two years of RIS pre-requisite courses and General Education courses, then apply by February 1 of the year they hope to be accepted into the competitive admission program.  After being accepted into the program students will study for 5 semesters or 20 months.
Admission Criteria:

The program will review the applications immediately after February 1.  Some students will be invited to move onto the second part of the application process involving an interview and on-site writing sample.  The interviews and writing samples will be conducted in February or March.  Students will be notified of admission into the program in March.


All application materials must be submitted directly to the

Radiologic and Imaging Sciences program:


RIS - College of Health Professions, Suite #200

301 Michigan St., NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3314

phone: 616-331-3356; fax: 616-331-5999