Medical Laboratory Science, (also known as clinical laboratory science or medical technology), is an undergraduate field of study that prepares graduates to become certified medical laboratory scientists (MLS).  Medical laboratory scientists are essential healthcare professionals; they perform clinical laboratory tests that aid in the detection, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of disease.  Blood, tissue, urine, and other body fluids are examined and analyzed, and results of these complex chemical, biological, hematological, immunologic, microscopic, and bacteriological tests provide important decision making information to a patient’s medical team.  Medical laboratory scientists work primarily in hospital settings; however, job opportunities exist in molecular, research, forensic, and veterinary labs as well as in instrument training/sales, lab management, and education. Medical laboratory scientists are required to use significant analytical and independent judgment; their technical skills are in high demand. Expected employment growth indicates a future with solid job security.

Admissions Process

Application Deadline: MARCH 15th

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Students spend two and a half years completing the general education and prerequisite courses. After secondary admission to the competitive MLS program, students complete one and a half years of full-time professional coursework, including clinical rotations.

Why Study Medical Laboratory Science at Grand Valley?

  • Our well-established program provides a strong curriculum, knowledgeable faculty, and clinical placements to prepare students for the ASCP Board of Certification exam.
  • Students enjoy small class sizes, cohort experiences, and clinical rotations at affiliate hospital laboratories, ranging from large teaching facilities to small community hospitals.
  • Clinical courses are taught in the modern and beautiful Cook DeVos Center for Health Sciences building in Grand Rapids, MI in the heart of the medical community including Van Andel Institute and Spectrum Health.
  • Each year, two MLS students are selected for the Peter P. and Patricia R. Renucci and Family Scholarships.

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