Recreational Therapy (M.S.)

Application Deadline: February 1st

Recreational therapy is the specialized application of recreation, leisure, and experiential activities and interventions to maintain or improve the health, functioning, and quality of life for people with disabilities and chronic conditions.

  • The program is the only recreational therapy master's program in Michigan and the first advanced-practice program in the U.S. within a college of health professions.
  • GVSU's recreational therapy program is designed to meet the increasingly complex needs for more research and evidence-based practice to support the work of clinicians and advance recognition of the field.
  • The nationally recognized curriculum offers diverse opportunities for employment after graduation.
  • Located in the state-of-the-art Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall with a one-of-a-kind recreational therapy classroom/lab space including adventure therapy course and adaptive sports court(s), in close proximity to five hospitals, and many research, clinical, and treatment facilities.
  • Graduates enter a satisfying helping profession that assists people with disabilities to be more independent and achieve a higher quality of life, changing lives through transformative and innovative application of recreation and leisure.


The GVSU Recreational Therapy 1-Year track Master's program requires the completion of a Recreational Therapy or Therapeutic Recreation undergraduate degree

Recreational Therapy


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