Combined Degree Programs at Grand Valley

Less Money. Less Time.

Grand Valley State University combined degree programs offer students the opportunity to complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree, meeting their unique personal, academic, and career goals. Pursuing a combined degree can reduce the cost and total time required to complete both.

Grand Valley currently has 27 combined degree programs that allow students to earn their bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree in one continuous program. Students can also combine degrees across disciplines with the Student Initiated Combined Degree (SICD) program.


In-Demand Programs
Years for 2 Degrees
Average Savings Per Student

Program Offerings

A cell and molecular biology student in a GVSU lab working with her professor.

Design Your Own Combined Degree

The Student Initiated Combined Degree program offers students a unique opportunity to combine undergraduate and graduate degree programs that meet their personal, academic, and career goals. Working with faculty advisors, students can combine degrees from different disciplines and tailor their own student-centered and goal-driven educational experience. 

Why Pursue a Combined Degree?

  • Save a year or more time spent attending school by combining degrees instead of earning them separately.
  • On average, students save $8,500 – up to 12 graduate credits are at the undergraduate tuition rate.
  • Choose from 27 programs in professions of high-demand, or create your own program with the Student Initiated Combined Degree (SICD) program.
  • Get into the workforce with higher credentials sooner, increasing lifetime earnings exponentially.
  • Meet the growing national need for more master's trained employees.
  • Gain valuable internship and career opportunities through partnerships in the West Michigan area.
  • Conduct innovative research projects with faculty mentors based on your own personal interest.
A GVSU Engineering graduate student in the Fred M. Keller Laboratory.

The Value of a Master's Degree

Whether your goal is the pursuit of knowledge, development of new skills, or increasing your earning potential, a master's degree from Grand Valley will help you achieve your next goal for career success.

Individuals with graduate degrees have unique access to opportunities for:

  • Career advancement
  • Career flexibility
  • Recognition and credibility
  • Financial rewards
  • A lifelong network of personal connections
GVSU movement science student working in an exercise science lab.

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