Student Initiated Combined Degree Program

The Student Initiated Combined Degree program offers students a unique opportunity to combine undergraduate and graduate degree programs that meet their personal, academic, and career goals. Working with faculty advisors, students can combine degrees from different disciplines and tailor their own student-centered and goal-driven educational experience. The Student Initiated Combined Degree program provides students with extraordinary educational freedom and flexibility while reducing the time required to complete both programs separately.

Why Pursue a Student Initiated Combined Degree?


  • Respond to emerging job markets
  • Increase your marketability in less time
  • Save time and money by completing two degrees in as few as 5 years


  • Enjoy educational flexibility
  • Meet your personal career goals
President Mantella with graduate student at commencement

Getting Started

If you are interested in developing a Student Initiated Combined Degree program, contact your undergraduate advisor and the director of the graduate degree program as early as possible. You may also contact The Graduate School office for more information.

SICD Frequently Asked Questions

Student Initiated Combined Degree Request Form

The Graduate School
[email protected]
(616) 331-7105



How to Apply

Students interested in the Student Initiated Combined Degree program must complete the following tasks:

  1. Contact your undergraduate advisor and the program director of the graduate program to determine suitability.
  2. Complete a Student Initiated Combined Degree Request Form and a plan of study.
  3. Seek approval from your undergraduate faculty advisor, unit head of the undergraduate degree program, the Graduate Program Director, and the Associate Vice-Provost of The Graduate School. 
  4. After your SICD Request Form is approved, you will then need to submit an application to the graduate program for the semester following your completion of the 12 combined graduate credits.





Degree Requirements

The Student Initiated Combined Degree program requirements follow the Bachelor/Graduate Combined Degree Policy and will include at a minimum: 

1. Fulfilling the requirements for both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs
2. Completion of appropriate Responsible Conduct of Research training requirement




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