Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Pre-requisites Requirements

All application materials are due by February 1

To be considered for admissions into the Diagnostic Medical Sonography or Radiation Therapy or Radiologic & Imaging Sciences (baccalaureate degree completion) degrees, students must complete the General Education courses in addition to the following prerequisite courses prior to the start of the program:

PROGRAM PREREQUISITES                   Updated Nov 2013

Students must complete 1 of the following 3 options for the Human Anatomy & Physiology requirement:

BMS 202, 208, 309
BMS 208, 290, 291, 309
BMS 250 & 251

AHS 100 - Medical Terminology                                

MTH 122 - College Algebra

MTH 123 - Trigonometry
(ONLY required as a prerequisite for GVSU's PHY 220)

PHY 220 - General Physics I

PHY 221 - General Physics II                                      

PSY 101 - Introductory Psychology

SOC 205 - Social Problems

*PSY 300 (SWS) or AHS 301 - Research Design / Methods

STA 215 - Introductory Statistics

In addition to the RIS prerequisites listed above, all of GVSU's *General Education courses must be completed prior to starting the program.  Refer to:

Detailed outline of course requirements available at:
RIS Advising Worksheet

Michigan residents: For those students who start at a Michigan community college and then transfer into GVSU, please click on the following link for a list of RIS curriculum guides:  Community College Curriculum Guides   These guides provide a list of recommended courses - many of which can transfer into GVSU's General Education and RIS Prerequisite course requirements. It is important that you work with your community college counselor to ensure course accuracy.

*In addition, students should note that the 2 ISSUE course requirements for the General Education program AND the PSY 300 or AHS 301 are not available at community college.  It should be noted that these are upper division university courses and will likely need to be completed at GVSU.