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  1. Netherlands: English Education

    Europe » Netherlands » Faculty-led Maastricht, Netherlands -  This program is located in Maastricht, a vibrant university town in southern Netherlands near the borders of Belgium and Germany. Links:  Watch Video

  2. New Zealand: Ecovillages (2019 Program)

    The Pacific » New Zealand » Faculty-led Auckland and Wilderland, New Zealand  Ecovillages and co-housing communities are planned intentional communities with a sustainability focus. These communities are found in both urban and rural locations and share an emphasis on both social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

  3. Oman/UAE: Language, Culture and Business in Oman and Dubai

    The Middle East » Oman » Faculty-led Ibri, Oman & Dubai, United Arab Emirates  This program will introduce students to the language, culture and business practices of Oman and the UAE (Dubai). Oman and the UAE are Middle Eastern countries known for their peacefulness, modernity, hospitality and openness. As members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, they share many features of global economic development, but have also retained their traditional heritage and character. Students will be immersed in Arabic culture and language, contra

  4. South Africa: Biology

    Africa » South Africa » Faculty-led This three-week program provides students with field-based international experiences in natural resource and sustainability issues including an appreciation of the relationships between South African ecology, culture, and physical environment. The program is designed to teach students about the functioning of the Greater Kruger National Park Ecosystem including the natural history and management of wildlife and vegetation.

  5. South Africa: Teacher Assisting

    Africa » South Africa » Faculty-led STELLENBOSCH, SOUTH AFRICA: The College of Education at GVSU collaborates with professors at the University of Stellenbosch School of Education to offer education students a six week teacher assisting experience in area elementary or secondary schools, all of which are English medium schools. Links:  Watch Video

  6. South Africa: Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

    Africa » South Africa » Faculty-led CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: The Women and Gender Studies program in Cape Town, South Africa combines a strong academic program with service to the community. The program, provided in partnership with the Womens Center, focuses on women and gender issues in the region and explores global feminist perspectives. Links:  Watch Video

  7. Spain: Education

    Europe » Spain » Faculty-led Ourense, Spain - The program will take place in Ourense, which is in the Region of Galicia, in Northwest Spain, 1.5 hours away from Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia, and 2 hours from Porto Portugal. Schools in this region are becoming more and more multicultural, and in response, education has become trilingual: the subjects are taught in Galego (Galician), Spanish and English. By working in local classrooms, students will be able to compare the current education systems in the U.S

  8. Spain: Teacher Assisting

    Europe » Spain » Faculty-led Ourense, Spain: This program offers an opportunity for students in the College of Education to explore the educational system and cultures of the Galicia region in Northern Spain. Students will also be teaching in the local schools, either in English or Spanish based on student needs. Links:  Watch Video

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