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DUBLIN, IRELAND is the capital city and modern center of education, arts, administration, economy and industry in Ireland. With half its population under 30, it is young, outward looking, and vibrant, while its smaller size creates great advantages for newcomers.

DUBLIN, IRELAND is a fantastic city for both first-time travelers and seasoned veterans. Not to mention the city is within close proximity to the rest of Europe for your weekend trips during your internship. We offer some of the best internships Ireland has to offer. An internship in Dublin is the perfect way to enjoy the undeniable magic of Ireland and pick up some new professional skills while you're at it. Internship placements in English.

Internships in Galway are available for university students and graduates, and young professionals. This internship program provides you the opportunity to be involved in one of Ireland's captivating and dynamic cities, all the while having the support of a well established and trusted international organization.

*2023 PROGRAM* Limerick & the West of Ireland - Service learning with The University of Limerick. After arrival in Shannon Airport, we will head to the University of Limerick and grab some sleep before meeting our hosts, Irish faculty and students. We will be guests at functioning service -learning projects and reflect on ways to evaluate these projects. Week 2 will offer opportunities to interact with different cultures and ways of living in Ireland.

*2023 PROGRAM* DERRY & BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND (United Kingdom) - While sharing much with its neighbor, the Republic of Ireland, the political, social and historical features of Northern Ireland make it a strikingly different place. These important features are the basis for exploration and analysis in the Peace, Conflict, and Reconciliation study abroad program.

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