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WINNEBA, GHANA - This program gives students the opportunity to learn about a new culture not only in a classroom but as well as being immersed in the local community during service-learning internships. Students will also have the opportunity to experience other historical aspects and other attractions of Ghana during weekend excursions.

CAPE COAST, GHANA - This exciting program to Cape Coast, Ghana is an excellent opportunity for future teachers and students interested in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. From the tomb of "Osagyefo" Kwame Nkrumah to the art markets at the city center, students will find themselves surrounded by diverse culture as Ghana is divided into some 75 ethnic groups.

CAPE COAST, GHANA - This program offers an intercultural nursing experience and a unique way to compare different community-based health care systems. Community health center nursing experiences will include windshield surveys, individual and family health assessments, culturally appropriate health education, and analysis of the health system in Ghana, including the role of nurses, traditional health practitioners, and, how as a country, they address WHO millennial goals.

ACCRA, GHANA - This program aims to enhance your preparation as competent social work practitioners in both domestic and international arenas of social welfare by engaging Ghanian counterparts in local villages, five days of volunteer experiences in a variety of settings, and offering numerous cultural excursions.

The University of Cape Coast is one of the leading universities which offers a wide-range of course options. Students will be fully immersed in regular university classes and will live in on-campus housing with Ghanaian students. The University is located just west of Cape Coast on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Guinea. Students will be within walking distance to the beautiful beaches, and near some of the most significant cultural and historical sites in Ghana.

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