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Seoul, South Korea- South Korea is one of the most highly developed and stable democracies in East Asia. The history of civilization on the Korean peninsula dates back almost 4,000 years. South Korea has proved to be a vehicle for introducing a great combination of dazzling cosmopolitanism and hidden corners of tradition. With so many English-speaking Koreans, the language barrier is quickly eroding, and students who study abroad in South Korea will definitely benefit from it.

Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech) is a national university of about 14,000 students. The vast majority of the students are studying in technology, computing, or engineering fields, although the school is also known for outstanding programs in business, education and a world-renowned art education in ceramics.

Seoul University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech) offers a summer opportunity to students from their partner institutions. This summer program is a 2-week program on Korean language and culture. Students can earn 2 credits of International Studies 380 (IS 380) credit upon completion. This is an affordable option for students on a budget. Most in-country expenses are covered by SeoulTech.

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