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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: With over 39,000 students, Macquarie University (MU) is considered one of Australia's leading universities. MU is a comprehensive university with course options available in the arts and humanities, business, health, social and physical sciences, and more.

Sydney, Australia- Sydney is a vibrant metropolis with an abundance of internship opportunities in a wide variety of fields of study. Although it is Australia's largest city, encompassing over 4 million people, Sydney is easily accessible with its many forms of public transportation and has something for everyone. The country has contributed to the international science and research fields through fascinating discoveries, high-quality educational opportunities, and international collaboration.

The USC is a highly regarded university in the Australia state of Queensland.. With a current student enrollment of around 12,000 students from over 50 different countries, USC is one of the fastest growing campuses in Australia.

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GVSU students may choose to participate in a Non-GVSU program sponsored by another academic institution or apply for an independent study through GVSU.

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