Involvement Spotlights


Rowland Scheessele

March 24, 2023

Since finding out about Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Rowland Scheessele�s itch for a community he belongs to is gone. Read more about how GVSU�s social music fraternity has given Rowland a brotherhood he can count on.

Shannon Richardson

January 26, 2023

Shannon Richardson always wanted to be a dentist, so when she found the Pre-Dental Club at Grand Valley, she knew she was on the path to success. Find out how getting involved can help you achieve the goal of your dreams.

Ezri Sutter

January 18, 2023

Ezri Sutter is a junior studying criminal justice, psychology, and statistics. Joining Criminal Justice Association helped her form unlikely friendships. Read on to discover how being involved helped Ezri get the most out of her college experience.

Kiana Baker

January 18, 2023

As a transfer student, Kiana Baker looked for an organization where she could make connections. She was introduced to Delta Phi Lambda, an Asian-Interest sorority, and has been a member ever since. Read on to learn about Kiana�s leadership development.

Toni Poland

January 18, 2023

Meet Toni Poland, the vice president of the American Cancer Society at Grand Valley. Find out more about Toni and how giving back to those in need with the ACS makes her feel fulfilled.

Gillian Vendittelli

December 14, 2022

While studying hospitality and tourism management, Gillian Vendittelli was on the lookout for a career-related organization when she came to GVSU. Find out how the HTM Club shaped Gillian's future as an entrepreneur.

Kaitlin Traboulay

December 14, 2022

Commuting to campus her first year at GVSU, Kaitlin Traboulay felt disconnected from other Lakers. After joining Alpha Sigma Tau, she discovered there�s more to college than academics. Read Kaitlin�s story about how Greek Life helped grow her confidence.

Aidan Fansler

December 14, 2022

Since discovering Delta Sigma Pi at Campus Life Night, Aidan Fansler�s professional and social game has skyrocketed. Read more about how GVSU�s largest co-ed business fraternity is helping Aidan reach his career goals.

Macey Dunn

November 18, 2022

After exploring LakerLink, Macey Dunn found a way to express her passion of dance through the Pompon Team. Discover how being involved helps Macey develop her leadership skills while creating close friendships.

Sade Hall

October 12, 2022

Sisterhood has always been important to Sade Hall, so she�s had her heart set on Greek Life since high school. Learn more about the impact involvement has made on Sade�s life.

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