What We Do

At the Office of Student Life, we work hard to make sure there is always something for students to do on campus. We provide students with opportunities outside of the classroom to make new friends, try new things, discover new passions, and to make the most of their time here at Grand Valley.

Student Organizations

Student org members smiling at Campus Life Night

We are home to 400+ Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)! You can explore them all on LakerLink. Joining a student org. is a fantastic way for students to discover new passions, boost their resumes, and build lifelong friendships.

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Campus Events

Crowd at the 2022 Spring Concert

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a student-powered team that plans a variety of campus events. Every year, CAB hosts opportunities for students to have fun on campus, including concerts, dances, crafts, movies, and so much more!

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Civic Engagement

Three students holding gardening tools on Make a Difference Day

We host many different community service and civic engagement opportunities throughout the year. We want to prepare students to become active, global citizens who are committed to a life of community engagement and democratic participation. 

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Fraternity & Sorority Life

Crowd of students at IFC Bid Night

Our GVSU Greek Life community is composed of 28 organizations and four different councils! Our goal is to promote character and leadership development, academic achievement, diverse community involvement, and lifelong bonds throughout all of our fraternities and sororities.

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Our Biggest Events

Campus Life Night

A birds eye view of Campus Life Night 2018.

Campus Life Night is GVSU's bi-annual student organization fair! Hundreds of student organizations and campus departmental resources line up to pass out free stuff and encourage students to get involved. 

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Presidents' Ball

Students dancing at the presidents ball

Presidents’ Ball is another of GVSU’s long-standing, popular annual traditions. Students can dress up and enjoy dinner and a dance downtown Grand Rapids. This event is highly anticipated by students, functioning as a sophisticated college edition of a school prom! It’s also themed differently every year, so each “Pres Ball” is different from the last. 

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Spring Concert

Yung Gravy performing at the 2022 Spring Concert

GVSU’s annual Spring Concert is one of the biggest nights of the year as students come together for a live performance from a popular artist. We've brought artists like Bo Burnham, Blackbear, and Yung Gravy to campus, and students can expect a unique and unforgettable experience every year!

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2020 Information Desk

The 2020 Desk in Kirkhof Center.

The 2020 Information Desk serves as your wealth of knowledge for general campus information and events, as well as West Michigan information for all of our students, staff, faculty, and guests. Visit us inside of Kirkhof Center!

Get help from the 2020 Desk!

Event Services

The Event Services Staff.

Event Services can help you reserve meeting rooms, conference spaces, and information tablespaces in Kirkhof Center. The Event Services Team also assist student orgs with the planning of special events like concerts and dances.

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