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Toni Poland

January 18, 2023

Toni Poland

Toni Poland has been a part of the American Cancer Society since her second year at Grand Valley. She was involved in many of service based organizations in high school, so the ACS was a perfect fit. The ACS raises money for cancer research, supports survivors and patients, and plans one of the most popular cancer fundraising events; Relay for Life. 


Toni is now the vice president of this organization. She plans fundraisers, reaches out to contacts for donations, and keeps other members on track with their responsibilities. Toni takes pride in her org because she enjoys making connections with people who share her drive to give back. 


Toni shares she “wouldn’t feel as fulfilled in my time here at Grand Valley if I wasn’t involved with a service organization.” If you feel inspired to give back to your community like Toni, check out the dozens of service organizations on LakerLink.


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