We are the Office of Student Life


We empower students to discover their passions while building inclusive communities of belonging through experiential learning in campus programming, civic engagement, and student organizations.

A group photo of the Office of Student Life staff.


Through transformative experiences, all learners will create lifelong memories, develop transferable skills, and be prepared to lead with integrity in a dynamic society.

Our Values

DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND JUSTICE: We advocate for all students to have access to resources and equity in opportunity.

CONNECTION AND BELONGING: We support students in building meaningful relationships and communities of belonging.

DISCOVERY AND DEVELOPMENT: We inspire students to discover meaning and purpose as they engage, learn and grow.

FUN AND ENJOYMENT: We design fun and unforgettable GVSU traditions that instill Laker Pride.

COLLABORATION: We partner across campus and communities to enhance the student experience.

Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Email Action
Shyceka Armstrong armstrsh@gvsu.edu View
Melissa Baker-Boosamra bakerbme@gvsu.edu View
Cindy Driesenga drieseci@gvsu.edu View
Leah Erben erbenle@gvsu.edu View
Alicen Fimple fimplea@gvsu.edu View
Elijah Fosu s_fosuel@gvsu.edu View
Sydney Gandolfi s_gandolsy@gvsu.edu View
Katie Garrett garretka@gvsu.edu View
Valerie Guzman guzmanv@gvsu.edu View
Martha O'Brien obrimart@gvsu.edu View
Jeremy Paul pauljer@gvsu.edu View
Kellie Pnacek-Carter pnacek-k@gvsu.edu View
Bri Slager slagerbr@gvsu.edu View
Nick Smith smithni7@gvsu.edu View
Hayley Wilson s_wilshayl@gvsu.edu View

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