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Rowland Scheessele

March 24, 2023

Rowland Scheessele

When Rowland Scheessele entered Grand Valley as a first-year, he wanted to join a community where he could share his passion for music. In 2019, he found what he was searching for in the form of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Four years later and now in his last semester, Rowland is the president and historian of the fraternity that gave him the community he was seeking. 


Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a social fraternity that aims to cultivate brotherhood through music and musical performance. To Rowland, who has a background in theatre and choir, this was an instant match. “Once I knew what Phi Mu stood for and their ideals, I knew I had to join,” he shares.


In his second year as the president and historian of the fraternity, Rowland makes sure that the culture of the brotherhood is spread throughout Grand Valley. From organizing community service events like singing at nursing homes to meeting up with other chapters across Michigan, Phi Mu shares their love for music while growing their brotherhood bond.


Graduating with a film and video degree this summer, Rowland encourages students who have similar passions to join the fraternity. “Students should join if they’re looking for a group that has a deep passion for music,” he advises. Without Phi Mu Alpha, Rowland wouldn’t have a space to expand his passion for music.


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