Meet our Involvement Assistants

Our Involvement Assistants are here to help you get involved and become more! Meet with a member of our team to find the student organization that is perfect for you based on your interests. Don't wait, request a meeting today!

Meet your Involvement Assistants

Lindsey Balk, Involvement Ambassador.

Lindsey Balk

I didn’t get seriously involved at GV until the end of my sophomore year. I had always been involved with a ministry on campus and even just one involvement gave me a community and something to belong too. As I began to get more involved with Student Life and I became a Transitions Leader, I truly saw how important and valuable it can be to be involved and be invested in your involvement. I began to feel more connected with the Grand Valley and proud to be a part of this community. I had the opportunity to grow myself all while building connections and enhancing skills that will carry over into the rest of my life.


Major: Nursing

Lexie Codd, Involvement Ambassador.

Lexie Codd

Getting involved during my freshman year helped me learn time management, helped me grow professionally and helped me meet my forever friends. The organizations that I joined opened my eyes to see GVSU as my home away from home, not just my school.


Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Turia Moore, Involvement Ambassador.

Turia Moore

When I first came to Grand Valley, I became involved with TRiO Stem (a very diverse program); TRiO helped guide me as I navigated through college as a first-generation student. Then, I attended Campus Life Night and decided to be apart of You Beautiful Black Woman (YBBW) and was fascinated by the sense of sisterhood and community that they embodied. I also joined LLYFE, a religious organization where I was able to communicate with individuals about life, similarities, and differences- it felt like a family to me.
Altogether, these organizations helped me find my place at Grand Valley and led me to where I am today. I am a Liaison of YBBW, Financial Officer of LLYFE, and was a Black Student Orientation Leader for BEO and Transitions Leader. My involvement in these organizations continuously allows me to grow outside of my comfort zone and provide me with opportunities to meet other GVSU students and faculty. All of this has led me to become an Involvement Ambassador! I am so excited to help guide other students in the direction that will enable them to find their place(s)/sense of belonging at GV too!


Major: Nursing

Sarah Polanco, Involvement Ambassador.

Sara Polanco

Hi! I’m Sara and I am so excited to work as Student Manager for Involvement Ambassadors. During my first year at Grand Valley I was lonely and uninvolved. I knew that getting involved was an important part of the college experience, so I connected with the Office of Student Life. I joined a couple of student orgs, but really found my place with the Campus Activities Board (CAB). I met a diverse, stimulating group and made TONS of friends. I now even serve as CAB's Vice President of Traditional Programs! Getting involved on campus is important because it expands your network, solidifies friendships, and allows you to leave your mark on the GV community. My involvement has opened so many doors for me and I’m excited to see where it takes you!


Major: Human Resources Management

Emilie Seibert, Involvement Ambassador.

Emilie Seibert

I first got involved on campus by joining the Swim Club. There I was finally able to feel like I belonged in the GVSU community. I met so many friends, made great connections, and had a wonderful experience. From there my love for getting involved took off. Among other things, I joined the Pre-OT club which has prepared me for my future and provided opportunities for success. Campus involvement has truly made my time at Grand Valley amazing! It has allowed me to become a social, outgoing, accomplished, and welcomed member of the GV community!


Major: Therapeutic Recreation

Morgan Selke, Involvement Ambassador.

Morgan Selke

I was a transfer student at GVSU, I came in as a junior and worried that it was too late to get involved because I felt as thought everyone else had already been involved for years. I went to my first campus life night and was extremely overwhelmed. My roommates talked to me and told me that it was completely okay to feel that way, but I did not even know where to start. They let me know about all the different types of clubs we had and I ended up signing up for a few clubs, and shortly became a part of Grand Valley’s book club, psychology club, and their student ambassador program. I still plan on getting involved in a few other clubs and organizations this upcoming 2019-2020 school year!


Major: English/secondary education

Tréondis Snodgrass, Involvement Ambassador.

Tréondis Snodgrass

As a freshman GV Laker, I was always afraid of "overbooking" myself or becoming overwhelmed. I will never forget walking onto campus and being asked by one of the upperclassmen friends to audition for my first college theatre show, "King Lear". I remember standing in front of the director and shaking while reading my lines. When I was given a role, I felt like I had a purpose. I represented and valued something on campus within my first month of attending GVSU! I continued to participate in Grand Valley's Theatre and Opera Theatre departments by acting in two more shows, while also joining a black cultural group known as "Black Male Scholars", and transitioning into my current career as a desk assistant at the 2020 Information Desk in Kirkhof. My story has only grown upward from that first moment I decided to get involved. So, when you see me at work or simply around campus, feel free to ask me about my story! There is nothing to fear about finding your family at Grand Valley.


Major: Allied Health Science - Pre-Physician Asst. emphasis

Jillian Smith, Involvement Ambassador.

Jillian Smith

During my first year at GVSU, I struggled to make friends in my classes. There were so many clubs/organizations to join I didn’t know where to start until I got more information about Greek life. I went through the recruitment process and found my home! I’ve received so many leadership roles so far, completed over 100 community service hours, and I found a support system I couldn’t find anywhere else.


Major: Nursing

David Steadman, Involvement Ambassador.

David Steadman

I transferred to Grand Valley State University in 2017 from Grand Rapids Community College. My involvement at GVSU had a lot of trial and error, as I went from Rowing to Boxing to Student Senate. I, however, found my home within volunteering at several different aspects at GVSU. I now work with GVSU transitions to welcome the first-year students onto our campus during orientation, and I also work with Alternative Breaks during Winter or Spring break to volunteer with a community for a specific cause. Involvement here at GVSU is so incredibly important when it comes to academics, finding friends, resume building, and so much more. The college has many opportunities and I highly recommend that every student takes full advantage of that through involvement on campus.


Major: Psychology