Meet our Involvement Assistants

Our Involvement Assistants are here to help you get involved and become more! Meet with a member of our team to find the student organization that is perfect for you based on your interests. Don't wait, request a meeting today!

Meet your Involvement Assistants

Emma Buschle

Pronouns: She/her

Major: Dance, Advertising and Public Relations

Involvement: Momentum, Public Relations Society of America (PRSSA), Campus Tour Guide

"I got involved to expand my community at GVSU and to further my passions and career goals. Being involved has given me countless friendships and meaningful experiences while attending GV.  It has also taught me leadership and pushed me to focus on my goals outside of class."

Emma Oresky

Pronouns: She/her

Majors: Marketing

Involvement: Campus Ministry, Hunger and Homelessness

"As a transfer student to Grand Valley, I got involved because I barely knew anyone and wanted to find my place here! I’ve already been able to make new friends and get involved in what I’m passionate about!"


Alexia Frazzitta

Pronouns: She/her

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Minor: Digital Studies 

Involvement: Tri Sigma (Greek Life)

"I wanted to get involved so that I could become a part of Grand Valley rather than just attend it. I was also eager to meet lots of new people and get outside of my comfort zone. Being involved has granted me with many opportunities. For example, the connections I made with girls in my sorority helped me become an intern for a small business as well as earn this job at the Office of Student Life. Being involved has also balanced my day to day experiences, making Grand Valley much more than just a place I attend for school work."


Delaney Gizzi

Pronouns: She/her

Major: Legal Studies

Minor: Criminal Justice

Involvement: Campus Ministry, Delight Ministries, Law Society

"I decided to get involved on campus to meet new people with similar beliefs and interests as my own. Being apart of an organization that is related to my major is important for networking and for meeting people in my classes at GVSU too! I got involved in Campus Ministries because I wanted to join an organization that would grow my faith while also connecting me to students who want the same thing. Being involved in the Law Society has connected me to students with my major who have the intent on going to Law school. Law Society also has great resources for LSAT prep and information about different law schools as well!"


Sarah McCrackin

Pronouns: She/her

Majors: Marketing, General Management 

Minor: Hospitality and Tourism Management

Involvement: American Marketing Association (AMA), Delta Sigma Pi (Seidman Business Major Fraternity), Hospitality and Tourism Management Club (HTM Club)

"I got involved because I wanted to meet new people and was looking for more of a sense of community on campus! I also was looking to strengthen my relationship with my majors. Being involved has benefitted me by giving me the chance to expand my network and grow both professionally and socially! My involvement within my student organizations has fulfilled me in feeling like I've truly had the 'college experience'." 


Shelby Janeway

Pronouns: She/her

Major: Allied Health Sciences with Pre-PA emphasis 

Involvement: Pre-Physician Assistant Club (Communications Chair), Helping Hands, Transitions Leader

"Having the opportunity to speak with students and guide them towards getting involved in organizations that suit their interests is very important to me as I want all students at GV to get the most out of their college experience here! Through involvement in Transitions, Pre-PA Club, and Helping Hands, I have met so many amazing people and have been involved in many events that have allowed me to expand my network as well as significantly impact other students around me." 


Isabel Dillon

Pronouns: She/her

Major: General Business

Involvement: Intramural Soccer

"I plan to get involved to meet new people, stay active, and make the most of my time at GV. "


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