El Salvador

Social Work In San Salvador and Santa Marta

El Salvador Group - Spring 2010
Picture of Housing in Santa Marta

Spring/Summer Semester
3 Credit Course:
SW 354 - International Service (Undergraduate) or SW 630 - Global Service Learning.

Project Goals:
The goal of the program is to increase one's awareness of issues of social justice and human rights as they relate to the field of social work. You will learn about El Salvador's rich culture, the political-economic context for social welfare programs, community development, and the role of social workers in El Salvador. You will be based in the capital city of San Salvador, but will also spend considerable time in other rural areas, cities and villages.  For example, you will spend three days living with families in the rural community of Santa Marta.  As part of the experience in Santa Marta, you may be involved in a service learning project.  This project is likely to include work in a women owned and operated bakery and/or teaching English as a second language to high school students.  There will be meetings in San Salvador with social workers, as well as visits to non-governmental communities (NGOs) and neighborhood organizations.  A second service learning opportunity via a two to three day 'service placement' in a human service organization in San Salvador will also be available.

Link for more information  or contact:
Dr. Paola Leon, Ph.D., LMSW
Professor of Social Work
[email protected]
357C DeVos
(616) 331-6561


Dr. Jamie Langlois, DSW, LMSW
Assistant Professor of Social Work
[email protected]
343 C DeVos
(616) 331-6586

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