Leadership Transformation

This hands-on, integrated program is delivered by our top-notch faculty and industry experts. It integrates proven strategies, tools, and best practices to address organizational challenges and drive change within your organization. 

It is designed for current and emerging leaders who are interested in developing a results-oriented management plan to help lead their organizations through these unprecedented uncertainties in the workplace.

Compact Commitment


Ten week commitment with five modules offered in a virtual format every other weekend

Applied Learning

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Develop a transformational and results-oriented strategy for your organization

Competitive Pricing

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One bundled price for the entire certification from an AACSB accredited Business College with quantity discounts available

Leadership Transformation Modules

Introduction to Becoming a Transformational Leader: Lead Yourself First

General topics to be covered

  • The connection between personality and leadership
  • Overcoming leadership bias through the use of MBTI
  • How to lead others by first leading yourself
  • The Neuro-psychology of leadership


  • Develop a deeper understanding and mastery of yourself, your “autopilot” leadership patterns, and your impact on others
  • Recognize the impact of awareness, and especially unawareness, on being an effective leader
  • Use Intentional Leadership strategies to create a motivating environment
  • Learn to lead on purpose

Topics Covered
Applying active learning strategies, we will explore and apply best practices to create and lead a high-performing work team. Topics covered will include:

  1. High-performing teams are RARE in workplaces... why? 
  2. What's broken and how do I fix it?
  3. What's next? ... developing an action plan

Workshop outcomes from Building and Leading High-performance Teams include:

  • Learn the characteristics of high-performance teams
  • Understand the leader's role in constructing a high-performance team
  • Learn to select team members for the high-performance team
  • Create high team cohesiveness, openness and trust
  • Brief discussion on high-performance remote teams

Topics covered will include:

  1. Learning what the numbers are really telling you
  2. Developing financial literacy and strategies
  3. Creating a financially intelligent department and organization

Workshop outcomes from this module include:

  • Increase your financial intelligence
  • Improve your corporate financial performance
  • Achieve financial transparency for the organization

Topics covered will include:

  1. The challenges to establishing a culture for optimizing operational performance.
  2. The identification and applications of different approaches, tools, and techniques to optimizing operational performance.
  3. Deep dive into case studies which demonstrate how to apply the different approaches, tools, and techniques to optimizing operational performance.
  4. The importance and process of establishing a metrics that accurately measures operational performance over time.

Workshop outcomes from this module include:

  • Identification of the critical elements, challenges, and process to creating a culture for optimizing operational performance.
  • Understand and apply the different approaches, tools and techniques to optimizing operational performance.
  • Alignment of cross-functional responsibilities and roles for optimizing operational performance.
  • Establish metrics that accurately measure operational performance optimization over time.

Topics covered will include:

  • The complexity of managing and leading: balancing the two
  • Leading Change: a framework for success…and how to avoid failure
  • Is your organization agile? The role of agility in organizational change
  • The importance of strategy in change initiatives

Workshop outcomes from this module include:

  • A solid understanding and application of an effective change framework
  • An understanding of the role of agility in effective change leadership
  • An understanding of the challenge of balancing managing and leading

An understanding of the connection between strategy and change

All modules will include lectures, recommended readings, peer discussions, mini-case studies, and applied learning components. All materials are included in the bundled price.

86% of program completers strongly agreed that they would recommend the Leadership Transformation course.

"The Leadership Transformation course helps you look at yourself as a manager and how you can better lead versus manage your team. I would highly recommend this course to any manager."

"This course makes you evaluate yourself and your team. It also teaches you how to grow, strategize, and look long term."

"An interactive course taught by leaders in their fields, to support and grow the leadership skills in students."

"Instructors are knowledgeable and helpful! Level of effort related to homework outside of the class was just enough to enforce what was taught in the class, but not so much that it interfered with your day job."

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