Friday, February 19 and Saturday February 20, 2021

Friday, February 19, 2021

1pm EST Meenakshi Wadhwa, Planetary Scientist, Arizona State University

Title: "Rocks from Space – Visitors from Other Worlds that Helped Create Ours"


2pm EST -  Margaret Weitekamp, Curator, National Air and Space Museum

Title: “Virtual Communities: How Fan Groups and Space Enthusiasts Connected Without Meeting”


3pm EST -  Marc Rayman, Chief Engineer for Mission Operations and Science,  JPL

Title: "To Boldly Go Where... Well, You Know: How Star Trek Influenced Terminology on NASA's Deep Space 1 Mission'"


4pm EST - Walter Forsberg and Dan StreibleOrphans in Space

Title: "Orphans in Space"


5 pm EST – Roger That! Outreach


6pm EST – Leroy Chiao

Title: "Succeed Like an Astronaut: An Astronaut's Path to the Stars"

7:30 pm EST – Movie with live Wurlitzer accompaniment

Title: “Our Heavenly Bodies”

Saturday, February 20, 2021

10 a.m. EST – Katarina Damjanov, Senior Lecturer, Media and Communication, and David Crouch, Honorary Research Fellow, Law and Education, both University of Western Australia

Title: “Cosmic Environment and Immersive VR experiences”


11 a.m. EST – Robert J. Macke, S.J., Curator of the Vatican Observatory Meteorite Collection

Title: "The use of 3d scanning and computer models in the laboratory study of extraterrestrial materials"


12pm EST – Brent Bos, Senior Research Physicist, NASA Goddard Flight Center

Title: “Bombshells at Bennu: Revelations from NASA’s First Asteroid Sample Return Mission”


1pm EST – Roger That! Outreach


2pm EST – Steven Kroese, Flight Software Engineer, JPL

Title: "Perseverance Through Adversity"


3pm EST – Special Effects Panel - Rick Sternbach, Vincent DiFate, Ron Miller, Robert Skotak

Title: "Art and Special Effects in Science Fiction"


5pm EST – Roger That! Outreach

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