February 18 and 19, 2022

Schedule for Friday

8:30am EST Michelle Francl, Professor of Chemistry, Bryn Mawr University (Zoom)

Title: To boldly go where no woman has gone before

9:30am EST Catherine L. Newell, Associate Professor of Religion and Science, University of Miami (Zoom)

Title: To Believe Without Having Seen: Chesley Bonestell, Willy Ley, and the Invention of Outer Space

10:30am EST Yvette Gonzalez, Bioastronautics Researcher, International Institute for Astronautical Sciences (Zoom)

Title: Bold Era: A New Path to Becoming an Astronaut

11:30am EST Jonathan H. Ward, Author and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (Zoom)

Title: Telling an Iconic Woman Astronaut’s Story: A Man’s Perspective

12:30pm EST Break for Lunch

1pm EST Louise Prockter, Planetary Scientist, APL (Zoom)

Title: Hot, Cold, and In Between: Robotic Ramblings Across the Solar System

2pm EST -  Czarina Salido, Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Time In Cosmology and the Program Director of Taking Up Space (Zoom)

Title: Let's Take Up Space

3pm EST -  Megan Prelinger, Cofounder and Director of the Prelinger Library (Zoom)

Title: Researching the Early NASA Era, Perspectives from an Independent Research Library

4:30pm EST - Workshop Event: Heidi JiaoProfessor of Electrical Engineering (in-person at Loosemore Auditorium)

Title: Solar Arrays and Spacecrafts

5:30 pm EST – Reception and Viewing of Design That! Design Challenge Entries (in-person in lobby of Loosemore Auditorium)

6:30pm EST – Colonel Eileen Collins (in-person at Loosemore Auditorium, also via Zoom)

Title: Through the Glass Ceiling to the Stars

8:00pm EST - Special Movie Event (in the Meijer Auditorium at the Grand Rapids Public Museum)

Title: Woman in Motion

Schedule for Saturday

"Through the Glass Ceiling to the Stars" presented by guest speaker Colonel Eileen Collins  (11:00 a.m. - Free with museum admission. Find more information at grpm.org)

10:00am to 5:00pm, EST

  • Learn from student-submitted projects designing solutions for the future of space exploration.
  • Watch a planetarium show including an introductory history of Roger B. Chaffee and featured presentations highlighting space exploration
    • 11:00 - One World, One Sky

      12:00 - From Earth to the Universe

      1:00 - Incoming!

      2:00 - Under Starlit Skies

      3:00 - Space School

      4:00 - Dark Side: the Light Show

  • See museum artifacts related to space, space travel, and Roger B. Chaffee.
  • Enjoy many other family-friendly activities related to space, including:
    • Golden Record Activity -  Introduction created by planetarium about Voyager two - one staff and one vol.  Guests can learn more about the Voyager mission to attempt communications with possible life forms in space and determine what information would be important for you to share with an alien lifeform.  
    • Underwater ROV with Mark Gleason - guests will use pvc pipes, foam noodles, and small submersible motors to create their own underwater ROV that they can test in a tank full of water.  Learn about underwater discovery and the important role that Remote Operated Vehicles play in underwater exploration.
    • Kent District Library will host a table with STEM related activities. 
    • The Van Andel Education Institute will host a rocket launching activity focusing on the principles of thrust and the propellants needed to create lift, using a PVC pipe enclosure that allows this experiment to take place inside.
    • Roger Chaffee and space related artifacts from the Museum’s Collection
    • The Grand Rapids Children’s Museum will have a wind tunnel activity
    • GVSU Padnos College of Engineering will host different activities including origami fish, Hydrophobic Sand (A.K.A Space Sand) which is applied nanotechnology and possibly planting seeds in water beads.
    • Grand Rapids Amateur Astronomical Association will have telescopes for guests to look at the daytime sky as well as planispheres to make and take.
    • Lunar Lakers Team - GVSU Engineering Team (one table)
    • GVSU Physics Department showcase - students from the physics department will do hands on activities (one table)

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