How do I Obtain a Temporary ADA Permit?

  1. Register with Disability Support Resources (DSR) by visiting the DSR Registration page
  2. After you have registered with DSR, please contact DSR to set up an appointment to speak with an advisor.
  3. Sufficient medical documentation from your healthcare provider must be provided to DSR to support your request for a temporary 30-day ADA parking permit.
  4. A valid GVSU permit must always accompany the temporary 30-day ADA parking permit.
  5. Temporary 30-day ADA parking permits cannot be extended or renewed.
  6. If you require an ADA parking permit beyond 30 days, you must obtain that permit through the Michigan Secretary of State or your state's Department of Motor Vehicles.


Once the above steps are completed, Disability Support Resources will notify Parking Services of your eligibility for a temporary 30-day ADA parking permit.  To obtain that permit, you can visit either Parking Services office in Allendale or Grand Rapids.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, contact DSR at (616) 331-2490 or [email protected].

Page last modified April 20, 2022