Appeal Violation

The Grand Valley State University parking violation appeals process is designed to provide a format to present a valid explanation regarding why the parking violation received would not be considered lawful under the Parking Ordinance. The ordinance is enacted through the Grand Valley State University Board of Trustees pursuant to and in accordance with the authority and responsibility of said Board as provided in the Constitution of the State of Michigan, and Act 291 of the Michigan Public Acts of 1967, as amended.

Generally, these reasons are not valid to appeal a parking violation

  1. Lack of legal/nearby/convenient parking
  2. Time constraints, running late
  3. Lack of knowledge regarding parking rules and regulations (for permit holders)
  4. Parking or stopping for a short period of time
  5. Expired permit or failure to obtain/display the proper permit
  6. Failure to see/read parking sign(s) or line marking(s)
  7. The gate was open and no one was in the booth


Parking Appeals Process

  1. In order to appeal a parking violation, it must be submitted online and within seven days of the parking violation being issued. 
  2. While a parking violation is in appeal, the payment requirement is suspended. 
  3. Once submitted, the appeal will be assigned to a Parking Judiciary. 
  4. The Parking Judiciary has up to three weeks to adjudicate the parking violation. 
  5. Once the violation is adjudicated, the appellant will receive email notification of the appeal being accepted (violation is reduced to a warning or dismissed – no payment due), or the appeal being denied (payment is now due).
  6. The decision of the Parking Judiciary is the final step within the University Parking Judiciary system.



Page last modified May 1, 2023