Rec Center Members

Rec Center Membership

If you will be using the Rec Center or Kelly Family Sports Center facilities, you will need a parking permit unless you choose to park and pay at a meter or pay station.

  • With an active Rec Center membership, you are eligible for a permit at no cost valid for parking in the student sections of Lots C, G, and H on the Allendale Campus only. The permit is NOT VALID at meters, in pay to park areas, in designated spaces, or on the Grand Rapids Campuses. 
  • Your permit will expire on the end date of your membership. Permits can only be issued for up to one year at a time.
  • Rec Center permits cannot be issued or used by current students of the university.  Your permit privileges will be suspended if found to be in violation.
  • Only one permit can be issued per active Rec Center Member with a valid driver's license.
  • Permits are not required to park in student parking spaces during the Spring and Summer semesters.
  • Should you receive a citation while on campus, please refer to the information provided on the citation or visit Appeal Citation for citation appeal information.

Campus Recreation Class Visitor

At this time, long-term parking permits are not available to members of the community taking classes at the Rec Center or Kelly Family Sports Center. Grand Valley is a permit only campus and your options for parking while on campus are:

  •  Pay to park at the meters or pay stations.
  •  Stop in to our office before each campus recreation class for a temporary parking permit (free of charge for visitors)