Rec Center Members

Parking with a Rec Center Membership

If you will be using the Rec Center or Kelly Family Sports Center facilities, you will need a parking permit, unless you choose to park and pay at a meter or pay station.

  • While you have an active Rec Center membership, you are eligible for a no cost permit valid for parking in the student sections of Lots B, C, G and H.  The permit is NOT VALID at meters, pay to park lots or designated spaces.
  • Permits will expire on the end date of your membership or the printed date on the permit. Permits can only be issued for up to one year at a time.
  • Permits are not required to park in student parking spaces during the Spring and Summer semesters.
  • Rec Center permits cannot be issued or used by current students of the university.  Your permit privileges will be suspended if found to be in violation.
  • Only one permit can be issued per individual and may be transferred to additional vehicles as necessary.
  • Effective dates on permits must be visible and displayed at all times for the permit to be considered valid.
  • Parking Services can be contacted at 616-331-PARK (7275) during posted business hours.
  • Should you receive a citation while on campus, please refer to the information provided on the citation or visit Appeal Citation for citation appeal information.

Campus Recreation Classes

At this time, long term parking permits are not available to members of the community taking classes at the Rec Center or Kelly Family Sports Center.  Grand Valley is a permit only campus and your options for parking while on campus are:

  •  pay and park at the meters or pay stations.
  •  stop in to our department before each class for a temporary parking permit.  There is no cost to community members for daily permits.

Allendale Campus

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Page last modified December 14, 2017