Philosophy and Guiding Principles


The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR) is grounded in restorative practices, social justice, and education. We recognize that conflict is inevitable in relationships. We support our university by teaching skills for effective conflict management through educational workshops and by offering various pathways to resolution when harm has occurred.

Guiding Principles: 

Restorative Practices: We help students foster healthy relationships and provide support when conflict arises by assisting them in taking an active role in identifying harms and in designing restorative measures. 

Social Justice:  We work to recognize and address systemic and interpersonal oppression where it arises and use an intersectional lens in managing conflict as well as in identifying and responding to harm. 

Education: We center student development in creating opportunities for students to learn about their roles and responsibilities as members of our university and in helping them grow from conflict with peers, the university, and the larger community.

Page last modified August 6, 2020