Examples of Hazing

  1. Interferes with he academic process - causes a potential member to miss or be ill-prepared for classes, labs, study sessions, or tests.
  2. Causes the new member to violate the Grand Valley State University GVSU Student Code: The Anchor of Student Rights and Responsibilities, or reflects negatively upon the reputation of Grand Valley State University, the participants, or the organization.
  3. Requires or pressures a potential member to consume alcohol.
  4. Prevents a new member from securing normal amounts of sleep.
  5. Requires a new member to perform personal services for collegiate or alumni members, including, but not limited to; driving around members and/or their guests, "shopping" for members, etc.
  6. Is sadistic - treats a new member in a sub-human manner.
  7. Is illegal - including the use of drugs and alcohol.
  8. Places a new member in physical danger or in jeopardy of his or her life.
  9. Places severe emotional stress upon a new member.
  10. Coerces new members to attend meetings or activities through fines/sanctions that are not also levied against existing members.
  11. Prescribes the wearing of anything to identify new member status, including new member uniforms, or specific pieces of apparel.
  12. Requires new members to carry items that they would not normally bear (including paddles, bricks, new member packets, etc.)
  13. Prevents a new member from speaking for a period of time.
  14. Involves the abandonment of new members, requiring them to find their way home, i.e. drop-offs.
  15. Requires a new member to clean organization facilities that are not also required of current members.
  16. Requires a new member to follow prescribed habits such as entering/exiting facilities through a specific door, walking in only straight lines, and not walking on specific areas reserved for members.
  17. Requires new members to participate in scavenger hunts or similar activities by any name that involves the taking of items or photographs, time deadlines, etc.

Note: This is not an inclusive list of possible hazing activities. Refer to the definition above to determine if a new member activity could be considered hazing

Page last modified October 27, 2022