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Avoiding Academic Misconduct (Students)

Research suggests that many students who commit academic misconduct do not do so intentionally. Academic misconduct primarily stems from a lack of understanding and preparation. During this workshop, participants will learn about GVSU’s Academic Integrity policies and identify best practices for avoiding academic misconduct.

Navigating Conflict and Maintaining Healthy Relationships (Students)

Conflict is inevitable. More often than not, the difficulty conflicts are with our most significant relationships; family, friends, professors, roommates, etc… During this workshop, participants will explore various pathways to navigate conflict and maintain healthy relationships with those around them.

Ethical Decision Making (Students)

In life, we’re always told to “do the right thing”. What do we do when we don’t know the right? Why do we do things when we know that they are wrong? During this workshop, participants will explore a variety of thoughts and ideas that contributes to ethical decision-making.

Promoting Academic Integrity and Avoiding Academic Misconduct (Faculty & Staff) 

As faculty teach more courses remotely, maintaining high levels of academic rigor and integrity remains a priority. Virtual modes of instruction present particular challenges and require new strategies for designing assignments and assessing student learning. This session is designed provide tangible strategies to promote academic integrity and help students avoid academic dishonesty.

Addressing Academic Misconduct (Faculty & Staff) 

Addressing academic misconduct is one of the many responsibilities of faculty and staff at GVSU. These conversations with student can be difficult and it is important that faculty and staff follow the procedures as outline in the Anchor of Student Rights and Responsibilities. This session is designed to equip faculty and staff with the tools needed to address academic misconduct and to review the partnership with OSSCR as they do so.

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