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The MI-ACE Women’s Network Professional Development Committee will curate posts for #MentoringMonday. 

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Scholarship Just Ahead

April 25, 2022

2022 Annual MI-ACE Women’s Network Conference Scholarship

The Annual MI-ACE Women’s Network Conference will be held on Monday and Tuesday, June 13-14, 2022 in person at the Suburban Showplace Collection, 46100 Grand River Avenue, Novi, MI. The Network recognizes that accessing funds for professional development is a potential limitation for some women in the state who wish to attend this conference. To help remedy this, the MI-ACE Women’s Network has created scholarship opportunities to provide supplemental funding to cover the cost of registration for this annual conference. 

Are you in need of financial assistance to attend the conference? The Lynette Findley Annual Conference Scholarship is now open for applications through May 13, 2022. Any woman working in a higher education institution in the state of Michigan, whose institution is an “institutional member” of the MI-ACE Women’s Network may apply. Funding is prioritized for women who receive no financial support from their institution. 

How to apply

  1. Submit a “Statement of Interest” that includes:

Name (last, first)

Current title

Phone number and email

Name of your institution

  1. A “Personal Statement” about your professional journey in higher education addressing the following questions (not to exceed 500 words):

What are you currently doing?

How do you think the conference will help you grow?

What are your professional plans in the next five years?

What is your motivation for attending the conference?

How will attending the conference assist you in attaining your professional goals?

  1. Outline your financial limitations and financial request as they relate to the conference:

Is your institution providing you financial assistance for professional development?

Do you plan on attending both days of the conference or only one?

Do you require funding for accommodations?

The maximum scholarship is $350.00. How much are you seeking?

  1. Submit your application to Martha J. Grier, Co-chair of the Professional Development Committee via email at [email protected] on or before May 13, 2022. Should you have questions regarding the application process, please call 248-488-1942.  

For complete details about the 2022 MI-ACE Annual Conference, visit the website at


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