MI ACE IR 2021 Annual Report

Directions:  The MI-ACE Women’s Network is one of the most active networks in the nation; therefore, the information we submit to the national ACE Women’s Network each year should accurately reflect the impact that the MI-ACE Women’s Network has on women in our state. In that regard, please complete this report as comprehensively as possible, listing information about the activities you have conducted on your campus as part of your responsibilities as the IR for the MI-ACE Women’s Network.Include as much detail as possible so we can serve as models for those who are interested in replicating our efforts

Due Date:  May 21, 2021

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General IR Information

If you will not continue as IR for 2021-22 (July – June), please indicate the new IR’s name, title, and contact information below if available.

1. Describe how you enlisted the support of other women at your institution by assessing needs and facilitating institutional professional development programming that represents the mission of the MI-ACE Womens Network.

2. Describe the process you use to establish and/or collaborate with other campus programs/activities focusing on women. (Do you have a steering committee or a core team of people to assist you?)

3. Share how you educate women at your institution about the Networks mission and major initiatives (e.g. Annual Conference, Women of Color Collaborative, public policy agenda).

4. Communication Process

Describe the process of how you serve the communication conduit to women at your institution by disseminating appropriate information in the monthly IR News Update and quarterly MI-ACE Women’s Network Newsletter as well as professional development, professional advancement, grant/research funding, call for papers/proposals from MI-ACE, its member institutions or national ACE.

5. Share how you encourage attendance by women at your institution in the Annual Statewide Conference, Women of Color Collaborative, and other programs sponsored by the Michigan ACE Womens Network.

6. Have you met with your campus president/chancellor/CEO on behalf of the MI-ACE Womens Network during the past year?

7. In summary, please estimate the total number of women on your campus who were involved in all of the activities you orchestrated last year.

8. As an IR:

9. Please provide the names and contact information for women promoted or hired into senior-level positions (e.g., dean and above) on your campus during the previous year.

10. Describe the major challenges you face as an Institutional Representative in building an effective program for women on your campus.

11. What can members of the MI-ACE Womens Network Executive Board do to help you serve the women on your campus better?

12. Womens commission, womens resource center director board, etc.

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