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Connie Tingson Gatuz

Connie Tingson Gatuz, PhD

State Chair, MI-ACE Women’s Network

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Associate Vice President for Student Life

University of Michigan

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It is with immense pleasure and enthusiasm that I extend my warmest welcome as the State Chair of the MI-ACE Women’s Network. Your trust and confidence in me to lead the Network is both an honor and a responsibility that I hold with utmost dedication. On behalf of our entire Executive Board, may I extend heartfelt gratitude for your engagement and support for the Network. A warm and enthusiastic welcome to you!

As we stand on the cusp of new beginnings and opportunities, I want to take this moment to acknowledge the incredible work that has been accomplished by our Board of Directors, Institutional Representatives, volunteers, and leaders over the years. Your unwavering commitment to our shared values and principles has paved the way for our organization’s success and growth.

The MI-ACE Women’s Network is intricately connected to forty-three other state networks, all linked through our affiliation with the national ACE Inclusive Excellence Group and its ACE Women’s Network Executive Council. Our roots trace back to 1978 when MI-ACE was established as one of the pioneering state networks in the nation, a distinction we hold with pride. For decades, we have been the unwavering voice of women in higher education in Michigan.

In these times of rapid change and the multitude of challenges we collectively face, the need for women leaders in higher education has never been more pressing. We recognize the immense value that diverse perspectives and the wealth of talent from all gender identities bring to the forefront. The voices of women in management and policy-making roles are indispensable, and our Network's mission revolves around providing avenues for professional growth, networking, collaboration, and engagement. Our aim is to cultivate an ever-expanding reservoir of talent for Michigan campuses. Through strong connections with other professional domains, peer mentoring, and a comprehensive range of programs, we empower our members to achieve remarkable career milestones, thereby fortifying the thriving of our academic institutions. MI-ACE stands as a stalwart advocate for higher education and for women within it.

If your institution is already a part of our Network, you are already aware of the positive force that it represents, the advocacy it upholds, and the pride it takes in fostering the advancement of women professionals. For those institutions that are yet to join our ranks, I extend a heartfelt invitation to become a member, joining the 45+ Michigan higher education colleges and universities that have already recognized the value of being part of this premier professional network for women across the state. Institutional membership provides immeasurable benefits to the women on your campus.

Explore our website further, find us on Facebook, and add us on LinkedIn, delving into the myriad opportunities for engagement, distinctive programs, valuable services, and esteemed awards that await you. Take a moment to peruse our Network’s offerings, which include Institutional Representatives, the Distinguished Women’s Award (DWA), Public Policy initiatives, the Women of Color Collaborative (WOCC), and an array of Professional Development initiatives.

In conclusion, whether you are a returning colleague or a fresh face, please know that you are most welcome here. Feel free to reach out at any time. I can think of nothing more rewarding than engaging with you to discuss the incredible potential of MI-ACE and what it can bring to your journey in the upcoming year.

Warm regards,

Connie Tingson Gatuz, Ph.D.

State Chair

Michigan American Council on Education (MI-ACE) Women’s Network

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Page last modified May 29, 2024