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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Salute

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Salute

There is so much to be honored and reflected upon as the world has lost a giant like Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As an organization that supports and brings voice to women, it is important for us to think about the small but powerful woman whose shoulders we all stand upon. She fought for women and equality in a way that benefits this network and the diverse group of women in it. For many of us, she was a cultural phenomenon that we did not experience but her rock star status taught us about her work and legacy. In addition to fighting for women, she helped bridge generations to understand the work that has been done and how we must continue to fight for equal rights.

This year we celebrate 100 years of the Right to Vote and recently in Michigan we celebrated Equal Pay Day with Lillie Ledbetter.  The connected impact of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is immense.  Early in her career, Ginsburg was a faculty member like so many of us.  She was a mother and a wife who modeled marriage as a partnership with the love of her life. She was unapologetic about working hard and loving her work as well as her family.

There have been pictures and tributes about so many aspects of her life but the one that uniquely stands out to me as it relates to MI-ACE is the picture of her clerks standing solemnly in honor and respect to a great woman who had mentored all of them. Ruth Bader Ginsburg changed equality in this country and her work provided freedom for women in this network.  It is imperative that we continue the fight but we must also remember to continue making our network a meaningful place of mentorship for all women.

Kimberly Hurns
Vice President for Instruction
Washtenaw Community College


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