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linda logan

Linda Logan
Vice President and Chief Inclusion Officer
Olivet College

The Michigan American Council on Education (MI-ACE) is the professional network for Michigan women in higher education. We work in concert with the ACE Women’s Network nationally to identify, develop, encourage, advance, link, and support (IDEALS) women in higher education.

MI-ACE is an award-winning network. The network was nationally recognized in 2005 by the ACE Office of Women in Higher Education and again in 2016 when we received the National ACE State Network Leadership Award for the Advancement of Women in Higher Education.

The MI-ACE network is very active and I encourage you to find your niche and participate.

Professional development, networking, mentoring, advocacy, and support for women in Michigan’s higher education system are provided through the network. We are committed to meeting the needs of all of our members, which include administrators, faculty, and staff members from public and private, two-year, and four-year institutions.

I am extremely proud to support women in higher education across the state.  It is an honor to serve as your state chair.  I look forward to seeing you at one of the network’s professional development events.

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