Performance Management Toolkit

The new Performance Evaluation System aims to be more developmental and communicative in structure, as well as to encourage ongoing feedback throughout the review year. This system will send emails prompting actions throughout the year. Employees and supervisors will have the ability to log ongoing feedback throughout the year for reference and linking to various steps during the review process.

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Getting Started

Performance Management FAQ

Yes, for the first review cycle 2021-2022 the timeline will be a little shorter due to the launch occurring in July. For future years, the timeline will be for the full year and reviews will be launched in the spring. General timelines may be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Connect with your supervisor. They have the ability to move your review back a step in the evaluation process. Refer to the Hiring Manager Guide: How to Move a Review Back One Step.

You will be able to modify goals during the initial stages of the review process. Once approved by your supervisor no further edits will be able to be made. You can utilize the comments sections during the review process to make note of any changes to goals or if a particular goal is no longer applicable. Goals will not be rated items during the review process.

Journal entries are private and only able to be viewed by the individual that created them. If you attach them to your review and publish, then your supervisor or employee will also be able to see them at that time. Journal entries do not need to be attached to a review and can be used to catalog ongoing feedback for reference when it's time to complete the review.

Tags provide the opportunity for employees and managers to organize their Journal entries. Any hashtag may be used, so you can define your own categories. As an employee you may want to use tags to help categorize feedback by a specific project, goal, or job responsibility. As a manager you may want to use tags for each employee if you have multiple direct reports. You can use multiple tags per Journal entry, if desired. You simply use the # symbol and add the category title next to it. Examples: #Project1, #KeyFunction, #Goal3

The evaluation periods are just periods in the system that don't require entry. The whole process is one evaluation period as you're typically used to, but the system processes require these holding periods. During those periods you'll work towards your goals/projects/job responsibilities/professional development and be able to capture feedback using Journal entries.

No, the only sections where ratings are required will be Job Knowledge & Responsibilities and University Competencies. Comments are highly encouraged for majority of the review sections and individual items, but are not required. The only required comment is the Manager's final comment and the system will notify you of that need before allowing you to advance the review at that point in the process.

While the system uses stars to indicate the rating received, these are not to be viewed as 2 out of 4 stars, etc. Each rating is individual and you should pay attention to the title of the rating and the detailed criteria assigned to that particular selection when indicating performance in the review system. The detailed rating scale is located on this Toolkit website.

Yes, the new ratings will be utilized for aligning performance with the salary increase program. The scale used will be different and correspond to the new rating system.

The system will have dates within the review cycle that will automatically advance them to the next stage. If a review has advanced beyond the one step supervisors are able to move it back you may contact Human Resources for additional assistance (

Only the supervisor listed in Banner will have access to control the supervisor role in the performance evaluation system. If there are multiple supervisors for an employee, both supervisors will need to collaborate during the review process to capture both sets of feedback. Multiple comments may be added to each review item, so the additional supervisor's feedback can be captured in their own comment with their name noted.

You can create a progress report at any point during the review cycle, however, this will be limited to the information that has been entered at that time.

Yes! This new system should run much more smoothly without timing out issues that caused lost work previously. The new system will also autosave as you are typing throughout the review process.

2021-2022 Performance Evaluation Timeline

  • July: Review cycle is launched
  • July-August: Employee Identifies Goals and Job Responsibilities
  • August: Supervisor Reviews/Approves Goals
  • August-October: Journal Entries (log ongoing performance feedback)
  • November: Mid Year Review (APs only)
  • November-December: Journal Entries (log ongoing performance feedback)
  • January-February: Employee Completes Self Evaluation
  • February-March: Supervisor Completes Evaluation
  • March-April: Supervisor/Employee Review Discussion
  • April: Employee Acknowledges Evaluation
  • April: Supervisor Reviews Final Acknowledgement
  • April: Evaluation Complete

Additional Instructions & Resources

Downloading & Completing a File Digitally *PLEASE READ*

Web browser previews of PDF documents are fillable, but you CANNOT use traditional methods of downloading if you want any text input to save. Please see information below on how to save and fill PDF documents properaly:

If You Have Adobe Acrobat:

  • Please open the fillable PDF form by right-clicking on the link and selecting "Open with Adobe Acrobat." Edit and save the file as usual.

If you DO NOT have Adobe Acrobat:

You can still input text into a web browser preview, but there are some key things to know concerning saving the information:

  • If opening PDF in Chrome: Fill out form first, and when you are ready to export, hit the print icon in the top right, and choose "Save as PDF" for the printer.
  • If opening PDF in Safari: Fill out form first, and when you are ready to export, hit "file," in the top navigation bar and then "Export as PDF."

If you have any questions, please reach out to GV Performance Management at