Leading Lakers

Leadership Development Program

Leading Lakers is Grand Valley State University’s leadership development program for faculty and staff. It is designed to support leadership development and growth around the eight employee core competencies. This is a multi-tiered program, with each tier building on the previous offering; therefore, each tier is a pre-requisite to advance and participate in the next offering.

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The Leading Lakers curriculum rollout is in the beginning stages. The timeline provided outlines the rollout plan from Fall 2023 to Spring/Summer 2024.

Leading Lakers Rollout Timeline: Leading Lakers preview on October 25, Activate begins November 8, the second session of Activate begins in March 2024, and Accelerate begins in May 2024.

Tier System

There are currently three tiers of programming in the Leading Lakers curriculum: Activate, Accelerate and Amplify.

Activate (tier 1) will build a shared baseline of skills and knowledge on topics that will prepare leaders for roles with direct reports. This includes leaders with direct reports that are new to the institution, internal leaders who have obtained new roles with direct reports, or leaders that wish to grow their leadership skills and prepare them for future roles with direct reports.

Accelerate (tier 2) will take a deeper look at leadership skills and knowledge through the lens of the core competencies and leverage experiential learning outcomes.

Amplify (tier 3) will focus on executive leadership in roles with a title of Director and above, who have completed Activate and Accelerate. This tier is in development and will launch once the initial tiers have been well established and are being delivered consistently and sustainably.


The initial cohort for Activate has been identified, but Talent Management plans to offer all Leading Lakers programming regularly to provide ample opportunities for interested parties to engage in programming in the future. Please keep an eye out for the HR newsletter and communications that will include future registration opportunities. 

We strongly encourage interested participants to join us at the Leadership Roundtable events, posted in Sprout, where we discuss a variety of leadership topics and share announcements and reminders about program offerings.

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