Application Process

Please complete and submit all materials by the application deadline.  NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

The following items must be submitted electronically to [email protected]:

  • Abstract limited to 250 words
  • Research Description (~5 pages) including the following sections highlighted in the text:
    • Introduction/Background material
    • Specific Research Question/Hypothesis
    • Methodology/Design/Data Collection/Questionnaire/Data Analysis
    • Justification of sample size
    • Plans for Dissemination of Information Beyond GVSU ScholarWorks
    • Project Timeline
  • Budget (~1-2 pages)
    • A detailed budget, with justification for each expenditure that is tied directly to the research methodology/design/data collection.
    • Include a description of each item and the approximate purchase price.
    • Requests for funding for travel to a research site must include a complete description of dates of travel and mileage.  Support for travel will be limited to 50% of the total funds requested.
    • Funding support is not allowed for travel to professional conferences, membership to professional organizations, salary, per diem, equipment repair/maintenance, or common equipment that is typically available in the unit.  If a specialized version of common equipment is requested, please provide a justification. All equipment belongs to Grand Valley State University and must remain with the university. 
  • Letter of support (1 page) from your research advisor
    • Letters of support must be sent directly from the advisor’s GVSU e-mail account to [email protected]. You may not submit such letters on behalf of your advisor.

Deadline Dates for Application

October 15, for Winter Semester research
March 15, for Spring/Summer Semester research
June 15, for Fall Semester research




Page last modified July 23, 2021