Post Award


If you wish to order an item for your research, please email the information for that order (e.g. company name, item number, description, location of delivery, and price of each item) to Sheri DeVries at [email protected].

Most items can be purchased via purchasing card (P card), which is similar to a credit card but tied to the Graduate School budget rather than to an individual. Purchases that cannot be made via purchasing card will be ordered via purchase order online within five days of receiving your information.

Sometimes it might be more prudent or timely for the grant recipient’s academic department to make purchases on behalf of the grant recipient. In this case, the Graduate School will reimburse the department for the expense via standard Business & Finance procedures.

Keep the following tips in mind when making your purchasing decisions:

  • Comparison shop to ensure you are getting the most for your grant dollars.
  • Confirm prices where appropriate; ask for quotes in writing.
  • For travel requests, please consider the least expensive mode of travel, e.g., auto rental vs. mileage for your personal vehicle.
  • Check with suppliers to ensure there are no restrictions or limitations on your purchase, e.g., vehicle rental for those under age 25 years of age.
  • GVSU policy prohibits purchase or reimbursement of gift cards, checks, or cash when used as incentives for human subject participation.  Items of little value, such as coffee mugs or key chains, may be used.


To receive reimbursement, all receipts, must be submitted to the Graduate School within thirty days from the final date of the grant, as stated in the award letter.

  • Please review the Travel and Expense page on the Business and Finance website. 
  • All travel reimbursement requests are handled via the Concur system. All receipts may be emailed to the Graduate School for reimbursement. In the email, please include your name, G-number, address to send the check, with a summary of your expenses and total amount to be reimbursed. Attach scanned, LEGIBLE copies of all receipts. If you have an email confirmation/receipt, please forward the entire email. Do not take screenshots of just the payment sections of the email as the information needs to be validated. 


Page last modified December 21, 2022